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Electric Car Transforms Into 10 Different Designs With Ease

eBussy might be the only car you ever need.


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It sounds like something out of a movie: an electric car that can become multiple types of vehicles. But that’s precisely what German company ElectricBrands just released with their eBussy concept. It’s a car that can transform into 10 different designs.

The base model is a flatbed truck that can be outfitted for either road or off-road driving. From there, you can choose to add on pieces to adapt to the design. Customers can build it out to a bus, a universal transporter, a “suitcase” van, a single-cab pickup, a camper, an open-cabrio pickup, or a “Kombi” pickup.

The interior of the car features several movable parts to help with the design. The seats fold flat to make a multifunctional space. Even the driving position can move from left to center to right since everything is modular. The steering column actually slides either direction.

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Though it only has a whopping 20 horsepower, it comes with four-wheel steering and can carry quite a heavy load. Plus, given its small size (just under 12 feet long), you can easily maneuver the vehicle in an urban setting.

No matter your choice, the eBussy comes with a tiny 10 kWh battery pack that can last 124 miles. But you can upgrade to a 30kWh that extends the driving capabilities to a 373-mile range. Solar panels are fixed to the roof of all vehicle types, and the brand is hoping to create a network of charging stations to help take the car further. It can be fully charged in three to six hours.

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Despite the innovative design, the eBussy is actually relatively inexpensive. It starts at around $18,000 and goes up to about $33,000 for the top end camper option, which comes with a refrigerator, TV, sink, freshwater tanks, and sleeping area.


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