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Four Seasons Is Looking to Send Six Creatives on a Dream Vacation

Love to travel and create? Now's your chance to do both.


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Travel truly has the power to bring all your creative energy to the surface. While you’re experiencing new things, eating new dishes, and seeing cultural activities for the first time your mind may start to race with great ideas. And that’s exactly why Four Seasons created its new Envoy program.

“In the face of an increasingly cluttered and homogenized online experience, Four Seasons, the world’s leading luxury hospitality company, is launching Envoy by Four Seasons, a new program to engage creative storytellers and artists across all mediums,” the hotel giant shared in a press release.

The program’s goal is to gather world-class creators to come and stay for a bit. In return, those creators will be asked to share their stories, craft unique pieces and curate experiences that only the Four Seasons can offer. They will also gain the title of Envoy.

“We believe that content quality is the new measure of value in the realm of influencer marketing,” Peter Nowlan, Chief Marketing Officer at Four Seasons, said in the statement. “Numbers still matter, so of course we will continue to engage top influencers whose breadth and depth of reach aligns with our goals.

However, we are also keen to work with storytellers whose original, high-quality content can immerse our audiences in the world of Four Seasons in new and compelling ways.”

Want to be one of the lucky creatives and immerse yourself in something special? All you need to do is apply. The Four Seasons will begin its selection process in December 2018.

Four to six envoy representatives will be chosen. The Four Seasons will then work with each individual to come up with a personalized welcome into the Four Seasons family. Next, each individual will work with the hotel company to select a destination and explore experiences that help personify that location. Four Seasons will fund the entire journey so the Envoys can focus on both the creative process and their own crafts.

During the experience, the Envoys will then share their journey via their preferred medium and across their own social media channels as well as the branded Four Seasons channels. These Envoys will also be the first to be considered for future trips and global brand events. But really, it’s not just about the perfect social media shot.

“Our hope is that beyond the beautiful beach shots and picture-perfect foodie images, we will uncover fresh points of view and new ways to tell authentic stories–through video, photography, art, music, poetry, prose or whatever artistic expression our Envoy partners are inspired to use,” Sarah Tuite, Senior Director, Corporate Public Relations at Four Seasons, said. “We are excited to continue to work with those influencers who are already Four Seasons enthusiasts, as well as discover an untapped pool of talented storytellers through Envoy.”

The final Envoy selections will be announced in early 2019. Follow the hashtag #FSEnvoy on social media for the latest news. But, instead of watching it, why not apply for yourself?


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