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The First Space Hotel Is Opening in 2027—Here’s an Inside Look

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Space exploration is, of course, the final wanderlust frontier. It’s the pinnacle of travel, really. And Orbital Assembly Corporation is trying to make space tourism a reality for the first time by debuting plans for a space hotel opening in 2027. The hotel, called Voyager Station, will essentially look like an atmospheric cruise ship: it should be able to glide above the Earth’s atmosphere, ultimately orbiting the Earth from outer space.

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Orbital Assembly Corporation is expected to start constructing the space hotel in 2026 to debut in 2027. It’s a full-on space vessel, fusing hospitality with adventure travel on a level that’s never been experienced before. The actual hotel experience should have all the comforts and amenities of Earth—again, think of it as a cruise ship where your hotel suite looks very much like a classic suite on land—at zero gravity. There will be restaurants and bars aboard the spacecraft hotel, as well as culinary programming that goes beyond the often expected space cuisine, though you might find some Dippin’ Dots-esque cuisine, too. It is space, after all.

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In terms of day-to-day life in a space hotel, the architects have to handle challenges that many on Earth wouldn’t face: like the lack of gravity, for example. The Voyager Stations’ solution? To simulate gravity, of course. The rotating wheel of the vessel would allow passengers to feel gravity in parts of the station—while still experiencing zero-gravity in other areas.

Ultimately, space lovers and astronomers alike have been waiting eagerly for the era of space tourism, and with this news, it’s drawing closer and closer. There’s no update as to when travelers will be able to book their rooms on Voyager Station, or how much accommodations will cost, but there’s no doubt that—despite the likely steep price tag—it will be the hospitality ticket of the century.


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