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Eva Longoria Talks Food: Her Favorite Restaurants, Cities, and How She’s Giving Back

The actress opened up to Departures about her love of food and travel.


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If there is one thing Eva Longoria has a passion for aside from acting, it's food. The star grew up on a ranch in Texas, later opened a restaurant in Los Angeles, and often shares recipes on social media. So, it makes sense that the Desperate Housewives actress would plan many of her travel itineraries around meals. It's also why she teamed up with Tillamook Creamery, a farmer-owned co-op, to launch its "All For Farmers" program.

During September, 10% of Tillamook sales (up to $1.6 million) will fund programs that save farms and farmland and support sound farming practices. Via a partnership with American Farmland Trust, the Tillamook donation will preserve land on at-risk farms and provide farmers with grants to access land, improve land security, expand production, and adopt new farming practices.

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Departures was able to chat with Longoria about this partnership and where in the world she enjoyed her favorite meal.

Why are this partnership and initiative so important to you?

Well, I've been an advocate for farmworkers for about two decades. I've done two documentaries on them, and I eat food. So I was like, if anybody eats food, you should support farmers of America. This just went hand in hand. So, when Tillamook Creamery said they wanted to support the people who put the food on our tables, I said, great, sign me up. The campaign was so simple and so easy. I was like, okay, what do I do? And they were like, just eat. And I was like, great, I'll eat. And so they're going to donate 10% of their sales this month up to $1.6 million to the American farmland trust. I love campaigns that are just easy.

Since you are a food lover, where have you had your best meal?

I was lucky enough to have gone to El Bulli outside Barcelona before it closed, which was the number one restaurant in the world five years in a row. It was literally an experience. It was like 48 courses and a six-hour meal. My other favorite place in the world—my husband and I go there every year for our anniversary—is Chez Bruno, which is in the mountains of St. Tropez. It's truffle everything. The appetizers are truffled; the ice cream is truffle, everything truffles. It is the most beautiful, quaint little tiny thing. You would miss it if you blinked. They just treat us like family there.

Is there a food-related place that's still on your bucket list?

I want to go to Japan. I'd like to experience the food world in Japan. I went to India and a food tour of India, which was amazing. I've been to China and done it. Of course, Mexico and Spain, I did a couple of years ago, and that was just insane. I've always done France. For me that's one of the greatest luxuries in the world is travel and food.

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Do you plan trips around the food?

In Spain, we wanted to go to the Rioja wine country and these two museums around the North of Spain. So, we picked that first and then booked our flights.

You're an avid at-home chef as well. Have you picked up any cooking tips from your travels?

All the time. I was in the North of France at a tiny little bed and breakfast, and the owner would make my food. And he made me this fish dish and I asked what is this sauce? He took me to the kitchen, and he showed it to me, and I've been making it since. Right now, I'm into croissant making like Dominique Ansel. I took his masterclass. They take three days to make!

I'm sure you've learned a lot about French cooking too.

French technique is the basis of a lot of cuisines. So I didn't have to be married to a French man to do that. I am obsessed with the French omelet. I'm obsessed with croissant making, French bread baguette, and making all sauces. The trick in France is their butter. Their butter's just another world.

You've been able to travel all over the world and bring your son with you. Is it important for you to expose him to travel?

Travel is a big luxury. Before Santi was one, he traveled to four continents. We went to Australia and Dubai twice, Paris, London, and Spain, of course. His passport was full. I want to open him up to experiences because traveling makes you understand we live in a global community. You don't live in Texas. You don't live in the United States. You live in this world, and we are all interconnected, and we are all neighbors. And so we have to treat each other with dignity and humanity. And I think travel makes the world smaller.


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