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Want breakfast in Paris and then lunch in Amsterdam? Now might just be the time to get yourself a Eurail Pass and hop around Europe in the most rewarding (and least stressful) way possible.

Eurail sells all-in-one train tickets throughout all of Europe. And their winter promotion is happening now through December 30th with big discounts on train passes valid through the end of 2019.

Their rail passes vary by length of travel and the number of countries you'd like to visit. The unlimited "Global Pass" option is valid for travel anywhere and anytime from two-week to three-month pass options. The three-month pass is currently €918 instead of the usual €1318. Those exploring one destination can purchase the "One Country" passes that start at €45.

And it's not only train rides that are covered on the pass, but ferries too. There are ferries that connect from mainland Spain to Ibiza, ferries that shuttle you across the Mediterranean Sea, and ferries that take you from major cities to remote islands across Scandinavia. All aboard the slightly slower scenic route.

Fair warning: Though train travel does have more freedom and flexibility (and legroom) than planes, you'll likely need to book your seats ahead if you're traveling at the height of summer. Off-shoulder season is the best time to visit these popular European cities after all...

Eurail's Winter Promotion

Savings are on the site for passes up to 37% if you're traveling solo (or up to 45% off for two traveling together).

Travelers have the opportunity to buy a pass allowing exclusive access throughout one country or a global pass to see Europe like never before. Those looking to pick between a few countries also have the ability to purchase a 2, 3, or 4 country pass (as long as they are neighboring countries).

• Global Pass: over 37% off depending on validity (length of trip)

• Select Passes: 20% off

• One Country Passes: 15% off

Those struggling to decide what pass is appropriate for them can utilize Eurail's custom tool narrowing in on travel goals and what makes the most sense depending on how long you have and the countries on your must-visit list.


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