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New High-Tech and Eco-Friendly Private Jet Features a Fiber Optic Starry Night Ceiling

“Different by design. Disruptive by choice.”

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With private jet travel increasing due to health concerns in the midst of the current pandemic, it seems aircraft interior designers are taking the opportunity to get creative. Argentina-based design firm SkyStyle just unveiled its spaceship-like design, and now a Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, Embraer, revealed a new concept called the Praeterra that's both high-tech and eco-friendly.

It was created for the Praetor 600 private jet, which is a super-midsize aircraft that can seat up to nine passengers depending on the adjustable configuration. Inside, many surfaces look like futuristic computer control panels with fiber optic lighting that makes the ceiling look like a starry night sky. The several screens that line the walls provide flight information throughout the flight. Scott Studio Group was responsible for the stunning carpet that depicts the Amazon River transitioning into a circuit.

The cockpit is also high-tech with Rockwell Collins avionics, large-definition displays, side-stick controls, and fly-by-wire technology making a trip overseas a breeze.

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As far as the eco-friendly part, the materials used for the design were either sustainably sourced or upcycled (recycling materials to make them a higher value). For example, the seat material was made from recycled employee uniforms and wood from trees blown over by hurricanes. And defunct airplane material was used to create the metal accents throughout the aircraft. Then, once the materials reach their life expectancy in the plane, they can be repurposed since no harmful chemicals were used in their development.

"The perfect union of performance, comfort, and technology make the Praetor 600 the most disruptive business jet in existence," reads the website description. "[It's] the world's most disruptive and technologically advanced super-midsize business jet."

Not surprisingly, the design was recently shortlisted by the International Yachts and Aviation Awards for the private jet design concept award. The jet itself costs over $20 million for a standard model.


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