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This story was published before Summer 2021, when we launched our new digital experience.

How We Travel: Our Editors' Favorite Staycation Activities

How We Travel is a monthly series covering all things—big and small, near and far—related to what our editors love about traveling the world (or sometimes, appreciating what we have at home).


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It's no secret that everyone on the team behind Departures is a big fan of globetrotting. Some of us have been in the industry for just a few years; some for decades. When we're not busy writing, editing, and producing content to share with all of you, we like to chat about our own travel dreams—of which there are many.

Each month, we will be publishing a series called How We Travel. These articles will be a peek into the minds' of our editors. We'll cover topics like bucket list destinations, products that we always keep in our carry-on, people we've met on our travels that we'll never forget, and much more.

Given that things are certainly not business as usual right now, here is what our editors have been up to in their free time while practicing social distancing at home.

Channeling the Parisian Way of Life

"In the spirit of keeping the wanderlust and my love of all things French alive, I’ve re-read one of my favorite books, Lunch In Paris: A Love Story, With Recipes by Elizabeth Bard. It’s a love story filled with French food, men, and scrumptious recipes—which have inspired me to have my own Parisian pastry adventure. I’ve been using my time at home to teach myself how to make rich chocolate and caramel macarons and lemon madeleines. With each bite and lick of my spoon, I’m transported back to a café on a cobble-stoned street. Next on the menu is a recipe straight from the book itself: 'Gwendal's quick and dirty chocolate souffle cake (Gâteau au chocolat).' Comme c'est bon!"

— Alessandra Amodio, Digital Photo Editor

Cook Books and Book Clubs

"I’m taking this extra dose of time at home to actually work through the cookbooks that have stayed dormant for... a while. A few favorites have been Samin Nosrat’s Salt Fat Acid Heat and Food, Food, Food from The Ranch Malibu (the spring brunch salad featuring shaved asparagus and radishes is a fresh and herby dream that transports you to the ‘Bu). I’m also currently keeping in touch with friends around the world through virtual book clubs. (In case you wanted to know what time is best for a virtual book club between New York, London, and Melbourne it’s 5:30 p.m. EST on a weekend.)"

— Tal Dekel-Daks, Audience Engagement Editor

Trying a New Look

"Take this time to experiment with a new look. You won’t be seeing anyone for a month or two, so now’s the time to take a risk! (I shaved my head and am thinking of growing a mustache.)"

— Julian Sancton, Senior Features Editor

Getting Creative With Espresso

"In my house, the equivalent of 'water cooler gossip' is espresso machine gossip. By this, I mean that my roommates and I tend to congregate around the Breville each morning to discuss the state of things, and thus, I've been getting creative with caffeinated drinks. Right now, I'm using primarily oat milk (it froths beautifully) and maple syrup for a Vermont spin on a traditional cappuccino. Also, two shots of espresso in a cold glass of chocolate milk is an excellent mid-day pick-me-up. I'm currently obsessed with Intelligentsia's Illumination blend."

— Ellie Nan Storck, Associate Digital Editor

Getting Out for a Run

"I've been running every single day which wasn't something I was able to do before simply because of timing—commuting to and from work took a while and by the time I made it home, it was too dark to run. Also, I've been doing a facemask almost daily, so my skin has literally never looked better."

— Deanne Kaczerski, Digital Executive Editor

Puzzles, Reading, and Yoga

"Puzzling has been my new favorite mindless pastime. These ones from Jiggy are a great option—the company supports artists by sourcing work from around the globe, and includes puzzle glue and an applicator so you can frame and hang the piece once you’ve finished. I’ve also been catching up on some long overdue reading—I can’t put Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker down. And to ensure I’m not totally inactive all day, I’ve been really into Manhattan-based Sky Ting Yoga’s new live stream classes."

— Annie Davidson, Editor

Testing New Recipes With the Kiddos

"With an energetic three-year-old at home who always loves to help out, I’ve leaned into exploring some of the recipes from my favorite cookbooks that I haven’t tried before. My daughter likes to help add the ingredients and it keeps her both mentally occupied and stationary, while we get dinner going. It’s also a great way to introduce her to new cultures and dishes. My favorite cookbook right now: Musa Dagdeviren’s The Turkish Cookbook."

— Sean Flynn, Deputy Digital Editor


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