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Disneyland Paris Now Has an Entire Website Dedicated to At-Home Activities and Virtual Experiences

Add some Disney magic to your days.


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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our daily lives, pretty much putting an end to our social interactions (at least face-to-face). Practicing social distancing and home confinement is difficult for both adults and kids. Fortunately, Disney has you and your kids covered with a host of activities and virtual experiences to keep everyone entertained while at home.

Disneyland Paris, which is currently closed down until further notice, has launched an entire website full of games, videos, and activities that “spark imagination, inspire creativity and share the magic from the comfort of home!” And the best thing is that there are plenty of ideas— all inspired by the theme park, of course—for both kids and their parents.

The games and activities section, for example, includes printable coloring pages with Disney characters such as Elsa, Bambi, and Sleeping Beauty, as well as craft ideas that allow you to build your favorite Disney attractions among other things.

There is also a super fun tutorials section where you can learn how to draw Mickey Mouse, dance like Timon from the Lion King, or recreate a beautiful braided hairdo inspired by Frozen’s Elsa.

And when your kids are ready for another activity, you can cook together some of the theme park’s most famous dishes such as Sven’s crunchy Pavlova offered at Silver Spur Steakhouse or the Carrot Cake from Plaza Gardens Restaurant thanks to the Recipes section of the website

You can even add some Disney magic to your next video call thanks to the 18 dreamy backdrops you can download for free—from the beautiful Lancelot Carrousel to the colorful Constellations boutique, we are sure that these will definitely improve your (and your co-workers’) mood.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to speak French—the website is translated into five languages, including English.


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