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Rumor Has It That Disney Is Planning to Launch an Airline — Here's What Travelers Can Expect

The company wants to have the happiest skies on earth.


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Update: The Walt Disney Company has denied rumors that they plan to launch their own airline. We've reached out to the company for an official response.

Whatever The Walt Disney Company touches turns to gold. After all, Disneyland is considered "The Most Magical Place On Earth." And while they've already dominated the theme park, hotel, and cruise market, the entertainment giants are planning to take over the skies as well by launching an airline.

According to fan site, The Disney Company will start acquiring small regional airlines in 2021 in an effort to combine them and create a domestic airline offering flights out of major airports like Chicago, New York LaGuardia, LAX, Detroit, and Orlando. This would expand their current transportation offerings such as The Magical Express, which shuttles guests from the Orlando airport to the Disney Resort and throughout the property. By operating in the air, the company could control the guest experience starting before their arrival at the resort.

That's why the planes themselves will be "wrapped with famous Marvel and princess themes," and there's reported to be themed onboard amenities. Passengers will get inflight Disney + (Disney's new streaming service) access at each seat, and Disney songs will be played on the speaker as you board. Plus, expect visits from characters, and Buzz Lightyear to act as your captain. Mickey Premium Ice Cream bars, warm churros, and Strawberry fruit bars are will all be served as well. Coca Cola will have an exclusive contract with the airline as well.

Rates are expected to be affordable and competitive with Southwest Airlines and United. But, Disney is hoping to lure people over by offering a free checked bag for every passenger if you're staying at an onsite Disney resort within 48 hours of your flight.

While The Walt Disney Company has made no official announcement, the fan website says they have "ears" inside the development and will continue to follow up with more details.


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