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Walk Along the Treetops on This New Observation Deck in Denmark

Who knew a 15-minute climb could bring such incredible views?


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As if Denmark didn’t have enough beautiful views, there’s a new observation deck that will take you 135 feet above ground and into the treetops. Located about an hour’s drive from Copenhagen in the Gisselfield Castle Forest, the Camp Adventures Forest Tower is a glass-covered building that hulks nearly 450 feet above sea level. The tower opened in early March after five years of construction.

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To get to the views, you just have to walk a spiraling 710-foot pathway (about 15 minutes without stopping to take in the scene) to the very top. Make sure to take a few breaks along the way to touch the trees as you climb higher; there’s an opening along the inside of the structure that encourages visitors to get a little closer to nature.

For the entirety of the walk up, you’re enshrouded in the sustainable structure, which is made of untreated steel and pieces of oak tree (7,750 pieces, to be exact). You don’t truly get the full scope of your surroundings until you reach the top—then you’re treated to a massive expanse of trees. The view looks almost intimidating, like you’ve been planted directly in the middle of a forest with no other structures for miles around.

If heights aren’t your thing… bring a buddy. According to Euro News, the walk up can be a bit of a challenge for those averse to being high above ground.


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