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A Luxury Cruise Is Hiring a Taste Tester

Talk about a dream job.


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Dining and traveling are probably two of the greatest things in life. But do you know what would make it better? Getting paid to eat while exploring. Cruise Croatia is doing just that. The luxury cruising company is looking to hire an official “Taste Tester” to sail on a new seven-night gourmet cruise.

The lucky foodie will sail from Split to Dubrovnik aboard the new 174-foot superyacht MS Bellissima where he or she must sample the ship’s cuisine. That will include chowing down on four-course lunches and enjoying breakfast buffets and then providing feedback on all the dining experiences. And you’ll have to sample the wine too. The goal? To “ensure [they] are continuing to offer a best in class product for everyone holidaying with [them].”

You will get paid £500 ($612) for your work and get to stay in one of the upper-deck VIP cabins. Also, the winner will get to participate in food and wine experiences like winery tours, a dinner party in Korcula, a farm-to-table cooking class in Dubrovnik, oyster harvesting in Ston, and a Game of Thrones filming locations tour.

When you’re not eating or touring, you’ll get to relax on the luxury vessel that’s being built in May 2020. The stunning ship will feature plush accommodations, a sundeck, a pool and hot tub, and a lower deck that lets guests jump directly into the sea.

Ready to apply? Simply fill out a form on Cruise Croatia’s website and write 300 words about why you should be chosen as the “Taste Tester.” There are no specific requirements, but the company did mention they are looking for a few key attributes.

“We are looking for a keen food and wine enthusiast to take on this exclusive Taste Tester opportunity,” reads the site. “We want someone who knows their cabernet from their chardonnay, and who isn’t afraid to try out new cuisines. We also want someone who is confident in providing detailed and honest feedback on our gourmet cruise experience so we can continue to excel in our product offering.”

Entries are required by September 4, 2019 and the sailing is slated for October 10 to October 17, 2020


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