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You could measure the success of prolific filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola in a lot of ways. Maybe it’s his Academy Awards for legendary flicks like The Godfather or the wine empire he built after. If you’re beach-obsessed, however, you’ll probably look at the director’s impressive and varied body of work and point to one of his latest ventures—an impossibly dreamy private island stay that’s part of a larger Caribbean resort collection—as the pinnacle of the Coppola family’s achievements. (Owning an island is the ultimate dream, right?)

The Family Coppola Hideaways is the resort offshoot of the Coppola brand, which in addition to a successful wine business includes restaurants, a line of Italian-inspired food, and a literary magazine. Of the five resorts under the Coppola name, three are Central American getaways designed to immerse guests in the culture and natural wonders of each distinct region. (You can experience all three in a new seven-night “Vacation Like a Coppola” package.)

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in nothing but the Caribbean blue seas, however, the Coppolas’ Coral Caye is the perfect place. Part of the Coppolas’ Turtle Inn resort on the Belizean coast, Coral Caye is a private island outfitted with two cottages and an open-air living and dining space. Just 20 minutes from mainland Belize, the island, once a commercial fisherman’s camp, was converted into a charmingly rustic vacation rental in 2016.

Inside each cottage, décor was chosen, as the website says, to suit “the untouched nature of your surroundings.” Warm woods, flowy fabrics, and pops of seaside-inspired color dress the interiors. The no-frills, kick-your-shoes-off vibe extends to the communal living area, which features a bamboo bar, sandy floor, and accent wall lined with conch shells. Elsewhere on the property’s two acres, guests have free reign of two docks, canoes, hammocks, a coral sand beach, and snorkeling just offshore.

But while Coral Caye is designed to bring visitors a Robinson Crusoe-like experience, vacation comforts and luxurious perks are aplenty. Stays come with the services of on-call caretakers, who not only assist with any questions but also will be on-hand to prepare fresh Caribbean-inspired meals three times per day. And those looking for even more frills—think private on-island spa services or diving excursions—can upgrade their vacation packages easily.

And with that, Mr. Coppola has made us an offer that we definitely can’t refuse. Want to stay here? Seasonal rates for Coral Caye begin at $1,899 per night based on double occupancy. See more of this dreamy little Caribbean oasis below:


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