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These Are the Coldest Cities on Earth

Time to bundle up.


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It's right about now when the festivity of the holidays wears off and the harsh reality of winter sets in. The sun barely comes out, and you're tired of having to pile on the layers just to run to the grocery store. But do you want to feel better about your bitter conditions? Crystal Ski Holidays just created a list of the coldest cities in the world that will make your hometown temps seem like the tropics.

And to top it off, they also found that Russia boasts the coldest temperature of all the nations studied, with an incredible -89.9°F, and the U.S. has experienced frightening temperatures as low as -70°F. But as far as the coldest spots in the world, here are the top ones by average winter temperature.

Winnipeg, Canada

Average winter temperature: -6°F

Known as the "Gateway to the West," Winnipeg does experience all four seasons. But, when winter hits, it can be extreme. The lowest recorded temperature is -52.6°F, though the averages are higher. Regardless, it's a perfect spot to enjoy cross-country skiing and a sauna in a cozy Nordic cabin. Despite the harsh cold, the summers are pleasant, with average temps nearing 80°F and up to 16 hours of sunlight.

Norilsk, Russia

Average winter temperature: -11°F

If you don't like snow, don't move to Norlisk. They have about nine months of snow each year and more than 180 days with an average temperature of -14°F or below. And given their polar location, they experience two months of perpetual day in the summer and two months of perpetual night in the winter. To get there you need to go through specialized tours, but can check out museums, galleries, and theaters while there.

Barrow, Alaska

Average winter temperature: -13°F

As the United States' northernmost city, you can imagine it would also be the coldest city in the country. Even in the summer it's quite cold, with average higher temperatures remaining around freezing. Plus, from November to January every year, the destination is in total darkness. But it's all of these chilling factors that make it a prime viewing spot for the aurora borealis. It also happens to be home to the Arctic Exploration Base.

Yellowknife, Canada

Average winter temperature: -16°F

It's here in the capital of the Northwest Territories where locals experiences the third coldest winter in the world. The lowest recorded temperature? A whopping -59.8°F. Because of its northern location, though, the Northern Lights are visible 240 nights of the year. In the summer, you have the opposite, with 1,030 hours of sun.

Oymyakon, Russia

Average winter temperature: -47 °F

Oymyakon has the rare record of being the coldest inhabited place on earth, with temperatures often sinking to -58°F. It also has the coldest recorded city temperature in history. But it's this unique climate that helped create the breathtaking Permafrost Kingdom, an underground crystal cave filled with exquisite ice sculptures.


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