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A Love Story Inspired This Hotel's Famous White Chocolate Bread

They say food tastes better when it's made with love.


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Club Med's White Chocolate bread is now world-famous, as travelers all over the globe make sure to indulge in a loaf while visiting one of the resorts. While many of our guests are familiar with the dish, most are unfamiliar with its origin. It was the love story of Celestin and Sancha Theodore of Club Med Sandpiper Bay in Port St. Lucie, Florida, that inspired the recipe.

Now husband and wife, Celestin and Sancha, first met as coworkers in the culinary department at Club Med's Sandpiper Bay resort back in the 1990s. To capture Sancha's attention, Celestin decided to create a special dish just for her. One day as he was making a fresh loaf of bread, he decided to throw in some white chocolate chips – and the rest is history.

Now, the White Chocolate Bread is a staple throughout the resorts and creates a common connection between guests from all over the globe. It's something almost all returning guests know and love. And it's all thanks to a decades-old love story.

"Celestin, a member of our culinary team, and Sancha, a member of our Club Med Academies team, have been a part of our Club Med Sandpiper Bay family for many, many years. We're not only proud of the work that they do daily, but also of the legacy they've left behind for the entire brand and our guests," Carolyne Doyon, President and CEO of Club Med North America, told Departures. "Quite often, we'll receive requests from guests about bringing a few loaves back home with them, as well as interest in replicating the recipe on their own at home."

She added, "Celestin and Sancha have been such a positive influence in the Club Med community, and we're so glad that they found each other along the way."


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