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China’s 820-Foot-High Glass-Bottom Deck Opens at Horizontal Skyscraper After Seven Years of Construction

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As travel restrictions ease up, China is eager to welcome visitors to its newest sky-high attraction: "The Crystal." Not only is it a horizontal skyscraper, but it's also home to a glass-bottomed observation deck that soars 820 feet above the ground.

The incredible structure stretches nearly 1,150 feet across several skyscrapers that make up a complex called Raffles City Chongqing. There are additional aerial walkways that connect two more skyscrapers making it an incredible sight. And now the first attraction within the attraction is opening to the public.

Designed by Moshe Safdie, who also created Singapore's stunning Changi Jewel, it's "the highest of its kind in Western China" and took seven years to build. To get there, visitors take a 52-second elevator ride to the 47th level. There you're taken through a futuristic exhibit, walk through a park, and finally on to the open-air 5,000-square-foot sky deck with a see-through floor.

"The Exploration Deck is the first major attraction to launch in Chongqing since the lifting of the country's nationwide lockdown, and the public's enthusiastic response is yet another encouraging sign of recovery in consumer sentiment," said Lucas Loh, President of the CapitaLand Group in China, in a statement.

Beyond the observation deck, the attraction features a National Geographic exploration-themed exhibition on level 1. "In collaboration with National Geographic, the exhibition brings to life space exploration through five multi-dimensional exhibition zones at the Exploration Deck on Level 47, and showcases how mankind is making life possible on Mars," said the spokesperson.

There will also be a members-only clubhouse and a 20,000-square-foot Sky Garden that will be home to "six restaurants and bars with different dining concepts." Those features are expected to open later in 2020.

Obviously, safety precautions are being taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19. There is a daily visitor quota of 3,000; visitors are required to wear masks and have their temperatures taken. Plus, hand sanitizers are provided at each of the touchscreen panels, while frequent sanitizing will take place.


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