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Seven Celebrities on Their Favorite Hotels Around Los Angeles

These well-traveled celebs tell us why they keep returning to these stunning hotels in L.A.


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Whether they're in town for awards season, shooting a film, or just taking some time for R&R, celebrities have become well acquainted with LA's most luxurious hotels. It may be the stunning rooms or unique amenities that make these actors fall in love with a hotel, drawing them back time and time again. Here, some of Tinseltown's most celebrated actors share what they love about their favorite hotels.

Why Steven Soderbergh Loves The Kimpton Everly

The Kimpton Everly Hotel solves all of my problems. It’s close to our house in Los Feliz, so I stash all my visiting friends and family there; its central location, easy access, and spacious lobby and lounge area make it an ideal meeting place; and, lastly, it’s stylish without being obnoxious. Dan Rook’s bar program is truly next level. Everyone I bring there for the first time comments on how much they dig it. I give them five stars out of four! — Steven Soderbergh

Why Brad Falchuk Loves The Chateau Marmont

David Bowie, Snoop Dogg, RBG, Tom Ford. Some people are just born cool. The Chateau Marmont was too. Yes, it’s had its moments when it was a little frayed around the edges, but what rock star hasn’t? The parties, the hookups, the tragedies. If these walls could talk...

The Chateau’s best-kept secret, however, is that it’s warm and welcoming, and feels more like a home than a hotel. I lived in one of the suites for a year with my kids, and we had the time of our lives. Most of season one of Glee was written in a comfortable corner of the lobby lounge. The writers would meet there every Sunday night for Bolognese, the best steak frites in L.A., and story breaking.

Take residence in one of the hidden bungalows or a one-bedroom suite with a view of the Sunset Strip. Or splurge on the penthouse with its massive deck. L.A. has fancier hotels, but there is no stay in the world like a stay at the Chateau. — Brad Falchuk

Why Irene Neuwirth Loves Sunset Tower

American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts Property Sunset Tower is, forgive the cliché, my home away from home. So much so, in fact, that I lived there when I renovated my home. They took my Labradoodle Teddy in, and they made us feel so special. They have the most impeccable customer service and hands down the best cheeseburger and ice cream sundae, at the Tower Bar. — Irene Neuwirth

Why Griffin Dunne Loves Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at 4 Beverly Hills

At 4:30 a.m. on June 17, 1994, I was thrown out of my bed on the 12th floor of the Four Seasons Beverly Hills, an American Express Fine Hotel & Resort Property. I assumed we were under attack until a second tremor as powerful as the first sent me to the floor again. This bedlam was soon to be called the Northridge Earthquake. Showtime had brought me to L.A. because I was a nominee for the now defunct Ace Awards. From my window, I could see panicked guests in the driveway in nightgowns. Screw that, I thought, as I put on the tux I’d worn a few hours earlier. I’m going out in style.

John Leguizamo was the first person I saw in the lobby. The great Australian director Fred Schepisi was next. Then Robert Klein. While the four of us gabbed, Al Pacino, dressed entirely in black, stepped out of the elevator—which the hotel had forbidden us to use—and without a second glance stepped into a waiting limo. “Where the hell is Al going?” Klein asked. Years later I found out: Mike Ovitz had sent the limo to put him on a private jet back to New York.

Throughout this process the staff of the Four Seasons, many of whom had returned to the hotel out of uniform (but wearing their name tags!), continued to work. Food and drink was on the house. — Griffin Dunne

Why Julia Roberts Loves Sunset Marquis

The first time I came to Los Angeles to work, the production booked me at the Sunset Marquis. I was 18 or 19, and I thought, “This is a magical place!” Fortunately, most of my friends feel the same way, so I find myself there every few months. The staff is friendly and helpful, the food always a delight, and the sight of the pool always puts a smile on my face. — Julia Roberts

Why Daphne Merkin Loves Shutters on the Beach

Hotels always call themselves “homes away from home,” but few live up to the claim. They may be elegant, like the Norman Tel Aviv, or retro-grand, like the Pierre, but they are rarely the sort of places you want to settle into for the rest of your life, like Eloise at the Plaza.

Except Shutters, an American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts Property. The first time I stayed there I felt like I had come home, only to a better, more luxurious home than the one I actually lived in. After being purchased by Thomas and Edward Slatkin, the intention was to make the hotel as residential as possible, with service that is intuitive rather than obsequious. Today the hotel abounds in whimsical touches, such as beach towels that, instead of announcing their provenance. say "laugh or play." The bathrooms have massage tubs with rubber whales perched on the edge, as well as a beach chest of alluring creams and unguents. Perhaps my favorite features are the glass-covered cakes that greet you when you enter Coast Cafe and Bar. Those lusciously frosted confections speak to my eternal inner child, the one that still longs for the perfect place to return
to at the end of the day and shed my adult, performing self. — Daphne Merkin

Why Lang Lang Loves the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

Los Angeles is my second home and the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, an American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts Property, is my favorite hotel. After a concert it's bliss to be there. My new wife loves the cuisine and I can rely on them for total comfort. My mother too is a fan. They always remember her. The stress of a performance melts when we arrive and put ourselves in their care. — Lang Lang


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