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A Guide to Renting Private Helicopter Transport

Our how-to for traveling in serious style via chopper.


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Chartering a private helicopter is simultaneously a no-frills, expedited mode of transport, and a stunning way to get to your destination. Really, it’s the best of both worlds, in that you get an experience while still cutting your travel time significantly. The question, of course, is how to charter a private helicopter quickly and without a deluge of logistics, so you can prioritize your the rest of your travel schedule. Well, consider this your all-access guide to chartering a private helicopter transport that doesn’t compromise on luxury.

Know the Type of Helicopter You Want

You essentially have two choices here: a twin-engine or single-engine chopper. A single-engine is typically less expensive and is ideal for shorter trips with fewer people. For example, an airport transfer for you and your spouse or a coworker would be an ideal trip for a single-engine helicopter. Twin-engine helicopters tend to be more spacious and offer more stability. They’d be the obvious choice for a slightly longer helicopter journey, a trip you’re facilitating for more people, or a helicopter ride taken at night.

Be Ready to Explain the Purpose of Your Trip

You’re likely in need of helicopter transport for a specific event, whether it’s to transport you and your closest friends to a nearby ski mountain, to get from NYC to the Hamptons without dealing with traffic, or to orchestrate a memorable team-building event for your coworkers. You’ll need to explain to your chosen helicopter company what you need the charter for such that you can find the right timing, the right vehicle, and the most convenient helipads for take off and landing. The more description you can give about not only your event but your attendees (how many people you’ll have, etc.), the better tailored to your needs your private transport will be.

Choose the Right Private Helicopter Vendor for the Occasion


Offering helicopters with up to six seats, Jettly makes it easy to request private transport on their website or their app. The entire process can be done digitally, which expedites the experience right from the jump. Jettly offers private charter services for a variety of leisure events, from bringing guests to and from weddings to orchestrating aerial photography or city tour chopper rides. Use them as your VIP hotel pick-up or to transport you and your family to your favorite ski resort.

Air Charter Service

Air Charter Service uses adaptable helicopters that are good for a city adventure but can also help travelers reach remote locales. They also offer time-sensitive charter services, so you can book last-minute private helicopter flights. Air Charter Service can be a go-to chopper service for business or leisure; they offer onboard courier services for transporting important documents, but also do group charters for family events.


PrivateFly, within the U.S., is best known for chartering helicopters in New York or Florida. Beyond their U.S. services, PrivateFly can organize a private charter for passengers around the globe, focusing on arranging helicopter transfers to hotels or ski mountains. Use PrivateFly when you’re looking to book a leisure helicopter flight, and perhaps chopper into St. Moritz for a European ski vacation.


Offering classic “core routes” from New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, FOXTROT understands what the luxury traveler wants out of their chopper-from-the-city experience. NYC transfers to the Hamptons, the Jersey Shore, or Atlantic City are available, as are drop-offs for music festivals like Gov Ball and Coachella. Travelers can also charter a custom route, of course, with help from FOXTROT’s travel concierge.

Consider Your HeliPad Options—They Might Surprise You

An important consideration when planning your transport: what’s the best helipad for your purposes? For example, when chartering a chopper from LA, often travelers are heading to Las Vegas, San Diego, or Palm Springs. Helicoptering from LAX to LAS might not be the most effective route. Is it possible that the chopper could pick you up directly from the roof of your Los Angeles office building, or drop you on the roof of your favorite Vegas hotel? The world has never been more your oyster than when chartering a helicopter, so don’t hesitate to suggest ways to individualize your experience. Increasing the convenience factor (and the “wow” factor) of your air travel is what private helicopter transport is all about.


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