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This New Boeing 737 Private Jet Features Spaceship-Like Interiors

Argentina-based design firm SkyStyle created the futuristic concept.

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Private jets are already considered the peak of luxury. But a new design took the idea of lavish to a whole new level. In fact, one look and you'd think it was the interior of a spaceship rather than a traditional plane.

SkyStyle, an Argentina-based design firm, revealed the concept recently for the Boeing 737 Max aircraft just before the company shut down production due to COVID-19. And while we will have to wait for the vision to come to life, the proposed style is stunning.

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The design makes use of the massive amount of space available on the jet (after all, it is used commercially). Inside there's a dining area, living room office, bedroom, and kitchen. The bedroom is large enough to hold a king-sized bed as well as a wardrobe, and they can even install a full bathroom complete with a stand-up shower.

As far as the common space goes, everything was designed to be easily maneuverable. So, hidden barriers can come down to provide privacy in the main compartment; tables can collapse and expand depending on their use. The countertop can be moved between the kitchen and dining area.

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"From an aviation designer's perspective, the BBJ Max is incredibly appealing because there is so much more interior space to realize one's vision," SkyStyle co-founder Max Pardo said in a press release. "Since the Max flies ultra-long-distances, the owners are looking for a comfortable lounge, multi-function conference area, and a large master suite."

Overall, you'll find a sleek design with lots of wavy lines and curved edges on the furniture. The seats look like something you'd find on a Star Trek set, which complements the white and silver color scheme. There's also star-shaped LED lights integrated into the ceiling and furniture to add to the space-age ambiance.

Of course, everything is customizable. So, the owner could choose from a different color palette and opt for more of a beach or desert theme.

The cost for one of these flying mansions? They start at $100 million.


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