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Live Like Hollywood Royalty at The Beverly Hills Hotel Newly Renovated Bungalows

The design of the two iconic villas were inspired by Marilyn Monroe and Howard Hughes.

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While the 2019 Oscars might be lacking some old Hollywood sizzle (no host!) there’s still plenty of glamour to be had in Los Angeles. You just have to know where to go to find it. Pro tip: Head west on Sunset Boulevard to the Beverly Hills Hotel, the pink stucco palace that opened in 1912 and even today never disappoints. Whether you’re dining al fresco at the Polo Lounge (Yes, that’s Sandra Bullock in the next banquette.) or waiting for your car under the green-and-white tented porte-cochere (Yes, that’s Ben Kingsley ahead of you), you’re almost always guaranteed to the press the flesh with an A-lister or two.

That’s because the 107-year-old hotel has always felt like the perfect respite from the riff-raff of reality stars and selfie-loving hanger ons––a place where the biggest names in Hollywood can enjoy a little privacy. This is where Elizabeth Taylor honeymooned six times, Yoko Ono and John Lennon held one of their peaceful “bed-in” protests and Rex Harrison sunbathed nude by the pool of his bungalow.

That’s why the hotel has spent the last few years of painstakingly renovating the hotel’s bungalows (21 out of 23) courtesy of design firm Champalimaud. Just in time for awards season, the hotel recently unveiled a pair of bungalows inspired by two hotel regulars: Marilyn Monroe and Howard Hughes. The Marilyn Monroe bungalow is villa number one. A favorite of the starlet, the glamorous suite is accented with curvy furniture, travertine stone tiles and a gold leaf ceiling. Done in a palette of pink and beiges for that perfect Southern California look. There’s also a Chanel No. 5 perfume bar and a special menu of some of her favorite dishes including heirloom carrot salad and grilled New York Steak.

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You won’t find a curated menu in Howard Hughes bungalow. The reclusive billionaire, who lived in the bungalows on and off for thirty years, requested staff to leave his room service of roast beef sandwiches in the crook of a nearby tree. What you will find is a Jazz Age-inspired suite filled industrial- deco furniture, oversized photos of airplanes (a nod to Hughe’s passion for aviation) a handsome color palette of navy and beige.

It’s the perfect place to hole up––whether you’re dodging the paparazzi or selfie stick-wielding tourists.


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