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10 Must-Visit Vintage Shops in America, From Brooklyn to Joshua Tree

Upscale goods, upcycled.


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Finding the best vintage pieces in America is nothing short of an art form. It takes scouring the internet, hunting through brick-and-mortar stores, and most importantly, the drive to continue searching. While we love to buy new and can’t resist a highly anticipated Dior handbag release (nor should we have to), we’re equally excited about preserving iconic fashion pieces. And that’s the allure of buying vintage. It allows you to not only practice sustainability when putting together your wardrobe and designing your living space, but ensures that the coveted fashion of the past, from Gucci staples to rare midcentury furnishings, lives on. For exceptional upcycled finds, these are the best vintage shops in the U.S.

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Vintage by Misty, Scottsdale, Arizona

A wonderland of Chanel, Versace, and Hermès from the ‘60s to the early ‘90s, Vintage by Misty, curated by interior designer Misty Guerriero, draws inspiration from the most hallowed fashion houses of Paris. You can shop by designer at this Scottsdale vintage shop, browsing their Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent collections, or find rare jewelry from estate sales here. Misty even has vintage timepieces and diamond rings from renowned maisons like Bulgari, Cartier, and Rolex.

Awoke Vintage, Brooklyn, New York

Awoke Vintage, a concept that began in Perth, Australia, has had Brooklyn roots since opening their storefront in 2012. Their original flagship is in Williamsburg, but they have since opened two brick-and-mortars in Greenpoint. Awoke is all about finding the unique; the bold prints, the timeless statement pieces, and the must-have accessories. Their collaborations with TV, film, and theater costume designers can be found splashed across pop culture—recently, they worked with the costume designers on Search Party to curate a variety of millennial-chic outfits for the cast.

The End, Yucca Valley, California

Statement vintage from the Mojave Desert—that’s what you’ll find at The End in Yucca Valley, just outside Joshua Tree and a short drive from Palm Springs. California desert culture runs deep in Yucca Valley; it’s eclectic, vibrant, and unapologetic. The same can be said for The End, which curates ‘60s and ‘70s-inspired clothing from the likes of Rachel Zoe and Diane von Furstenburg. A small desert wonderland, this shop is owned by a local California artist who painted the oft-Instagrammed murals on the building’s exterior.

Appetite Shop, Portland, Oregon

Appetite Shop is décor central in the Pacific Northwest. It’s one of those shops where you can walk in, point to a particularly well-designed corner, and realize that’s the exact style you want to emulate. And the best part is, you can probably buy every furnishing and décor piece in that corner. Appetite is a hybrid store in many ways; it fuses the store owner’s Southwestern roots with Pacific Northwest style. And it fuses found, restored, vintage pieces with handmade goods. But it’s their plant selection that makes Appetite Shop such a holistic shopping experience. Between the vintage furniture, the handmade home goods, and the plants, you really can design entire nooks of your home here.

Soho Retro, Birmingham, Alabama

Let’s talk about home furnishings, because vintage isn’t all about the clothing, and Soho Retro in Birmingham proves that. Vintage woodwork and midcentury design reign at Soho Retro, with ‘60s consoles, table and chair sets from the ‘50s, and couches that you’d think were poached directly from Don Draper’s office. In addition to offering a one-stop midcentury shop for vintage furniture lovers in the South, Soho Retro dabbles in vintage clothing, occasionally bringing in vintage scarves, hats, and outfits to sell alongside their revelatory furnishings.

The House of Findings, Miami

In Buena Vista, The House of Findings is a vintage shop with a fashion-forward following. Their vintage art, clothing, and jewelry feels authentically Miami, with vibrant colors and edgy cuts. Boho-chic fashion and exuberant pops of color coexist harmoniously here, and owner Mayra Gonzalez uses the world as her Pinterest board when curating her shop.

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What Goes Around Comes Around, Soho, New York City

What Goes Around Comes Around is one of the all-time greats when it comes to luxury vintage finds. If you’re looking for a specific Gucci or Dior bag from seven years ago, this is the place to find it. Now with stores in Miami and Beverly Hills as well, New York City is still their first home. Their expertly curated selection of luxury pieces proves that fine designer pieces rarely go out of style—and should be celebrated long after their initial release. So says their website, “We believe that luxury craftsmanship and premier vintage should be revered, preserved, and adored for years to come. Our mission is to continue to create a sustainable marketplace where the finest collection of pristine pre-owned luxury and vintage pieces can find new homes.”

The Domestic, Lexington, Kentucky

Is it a vintage vinyl store, a vintage shop for clothes, or an upcycled furniture store? Truthfully, The Domestic is all of the above. The Lexington, Kentucky brick-and-mortar has scoured estate sales of the South and vintage bazaars of the world to curate a modern-feeling selection of clothing, furniture, and décor. There are few stores that really encompass the holistic vintage lifestyle, where you can come and design both your wardrobe and your living space, but this is one of those rare spots.

Lemon Frog Shop, Echo Park, Los Angeles

Walk into this tiny Los Angeles store in Echo Park (LA’s Bushwick-Williamsburg hybrid next to DTLA), and you’ll immediately be met with floor-to-ceiling racks and shelves of vintage clothes, shoes, and hats. Collecting pieces from all over the world, and focusing primarily on the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s, Lemon Frog Shop has a Gucci collection, an impressive leather boots selection, and an array of dresses heavily influenced by the styles of Italy, Spain, and Brazil. Much like Awoke Vintage, it’s a trendy outpost for TV and film costume designers looking for never-before-seen pieces.

Recycled Modern, Chicago

A favorite Chicago vintage shop, in their trendy Lakeview neighborhood, Recycled Modern is a hub of unique furniture pieces, repurposed by highly skilled artists. “RM partners with local artists and custom furniture makers, works on consignment, and attends private estate sales to curate a unique collection for our showroom,” their website explains. “Our featured artisans voices are the threads that weave the fabric of Chicago.” Their finds—from coffee tables to vases—come from all over the world and are lovingly restored before being rehomed.


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