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These Five Private Airports take Luxury to the Next Level

These airports are really nice — if you can get there.


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What’s better than settling into a luxurious lounge at the airport? Here’s what: finding yourself a private jet with access to a private airport, and settling into a luxurious private lounge. Next time you get the opportunity to fly private, we suggest that you skip the lines, travel among the stars, and try to make it to one of these fantastic jet airports — all of which have luxury amenities and multiple FBOs (fixed-base operators).

The Private Suite at LAX

Okay, so it’s a suite, not an airport — but this part of LAX is so exclusive, it basically feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of LA’s busiest transportation hub. Frequented by celebrities, the Private Suite has no lines, no ticket booths, no overcrowded concourse; just private rooms that feature a bathroom, daybed, views of the runway, and the ability to order in-room massage, gourmet meals, mani-pedis, and more. When it comes time to board their flight, guests will be driven directly from the Suite to their aircraft.

Teterboro Airport, New Jersey

Located in New Jersey, just 12 miles from Midtown Manhattan, Teterboro is one of the oldest and most popular airports accommodating private jets on the East Coast. Dozens of celebrities and business executives use this airport as their main transportation hub from the Big Apple to other parts of the world — and because of this, visitors can expect a few high-end amenities in-house, like a plush seating area with a baby grand piano. But the true luxury of this airport lies in the speed it offers travelers. Boasting some of the best bespoke private jet companies on offer, you can helicopter out of Manhattan in under ten minutes, avoid security and coffee lines, and make it to another state in time for dinner.

Al Maktoum International Airport VIP Building, Dubai

Just about 45 minutes outside of the Dubai city center, this private wing (which clocks in at a whopping 60,000 square feet) of Al Maktoum airport spares no cost when it comes to luxury and comfort for visitors passing through. Guests can hang out in the cigar lounge or a relaxation room, and even get transferred to their aircraft via Rolls Royce. How’s that for traveling in style?

Le Bourget Airport, Paris

The history behind Le Bourget is reason enough to visit this busy French airport. Built in 1919, it’s home to the biannual International Paris Air Show — the oldest air show in the world. Travelers can choose from eight different luxury FBOs at this airport, which is known as one of Europe’s best and busiest private jet airports.

Vnukovo Airport

Located just 35 minutes by train from central Moscow, Vnukovo Airport is one of the finest airports accommodating private jets in the world, and one of Russia’s most historic. It now takes the cake for being the busiest airport for international travel on large private jets in all of Europe.


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