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Benetti's Glass-Wrapped Luminosity Yacht Is One of the Greenest Ever Built

The build features over 8,600 square feet of exterior glass.


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With air travel more restricted these days, there seems to be a race of sorts among yacht builders to create record-breaking vessels. Project Cosmos is set to be the world's fastest aluminum yacht, while a new luxurious ice-breaking yacht just hit the rental market for private voyages to Antarctica. Now, Benetti, an Italian shipbuilding company, created one of the "greenest" yachts with walls of glass wrapping around the main decks.

Dubbed a "palace of glass," Benetti's Luminosity is one of the most significant yachts to be completed in 2020. It measures in at an impressive 353 feet and accommodates up to 27 guests onboard across 12 staterooms. While it boasts several incredible features such as a swimming pool, a plunge pool, a gym, a hammam, a massage room, and a helicopter deck, it's the design that truly makes it stand out.

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The ship's exterior boasts an incredible 8,600-square-feet of glass around the main decks, making it a record-breaker for the company. The nearly 10-foot-tall windows are entirely uninterrupted by structure, which gives it a floating appearance. There's also a large skylight on the Sun Deck level to illuminate the ship's interior, including a 55-foot staircase that runs through the yacht's six decks. A glass elevator and carefully-chosen materials only amplify this indoor-meets-outdoor design.

And with low emissions, this is one of the greenest yachts yet to be delivered. It is powered by an innovative hybrid propulsion system designed for silent vibration-free navigation adding to that floating sensation for guests.

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For Vice President of Azimut Benetti Group, Giovanna Vitelli, it's the onboard art she loves the most. "Damien Hirst's famous colored circles find new expression on the French limestone floor in the Main Deck Lobby," she said. "As for Man Ray, an extraordinary eye-shaped construction at the base of the 18-meter-high stairwell winks at his magnificent work. The hymn to life of Matisse's collages inspires the intriguing shapes throughout the yacht's main saloon and lounge."


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