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The Andean Explorer Is by Far the Most Romantic Way to See Peru

There’s something undeniably timeless and romantic about traveling by train.


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There's something about leaning against the glass window and staring out at a stunning landscape rushing by, hearing the rhythmic chugging of the engine and faint mumble of passengers––it just makes everything feel a little like a storybook.

So imagine being whisked through the dramatic Andean plains of Peru, all the way from Cusco to Arequipa, aboard the aptly-named luxury Belmond Andean Explorer. On this iconic train, accommodations are opulent––a veritable moving sanctuary––and the views are transfixing. On board, guests will find spacious carriages, locally-sourced Peruvian cuisine, an indulgent spa, alpaca wool blankets––and that’s just inside. What lies outside the train’s carriages is one of South America’s most breathtaking landscapes, and experiencing it from the luxe atmosphere of the Belmond (multiple journeys available) will yield an experience worth planning a trip around.

Here’s what you can expect aboard the Andean Explorer:


When it comes to sleeping aboard the Explorer, comfort is the number one priority. Guests can book either single or double cabins (the doubles in the form of twin or bunk), each complete with built-in oxygen masks (for the high altitudes) and an en suite bathroom (the double has a shower). The real show-stopper is the beautiful Peruvian design, an ode to the country’s style in the form of chic accents like linen-covered walls, smooth leather seating, stone bathrooms, and timber finishes. Guests can request special amenities like fresh flowers upon arrival and, of course, champagne.

Food & Drink

The food in Peru is reason enough to book a trip to the country. Aboard the Explorer, the fresh, local cuisine is delicious on its own, but with a side of gorgeous mountain views, it’s unforgettable. Chef Diego Muñoz has designed a Peruvian menu described as “Andean tradition reimagined with modern flair,” to be enjoyed within one of the two dining cars. All old-world luxury, the cars are outfitted with crisp, white tablecloths, sparkling crystal glassware, and divider screens for those who prefer a more intimate dining experience


If the gentle movement of the train meandering past the Andes isn’t quite relaxing enough, guests can book spa treatments that utilize products made from local, aromatic botanicals from the outdoor surroundings. One signature experience, the Andean Ritual, involves being wrapped in clay, local flowers, and coca leaves, followed by a relaxing deep tissue massage.

Observation Carriage

Complete with a bar and open deck, the observation bar car is the ideal place to take in the views, get plenty of fresh Andean air, and sip on a world-class Peruvian cocktail.


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