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Asia's First Private Driving Club Will Have Stunning Views of Mt. Fuji

The club will debut in 2022, and the first round of membership applications have already sold out.


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Car enthusiasts will travel across the globe just for the chance to drive luxury cars in unique places. But the ultimate driving experience is still to come. Located an hour from Tokyo, The Magarigawa Club will be Asia's first driving club and road course complete with a host of luxurious amenities.

Set to open in late 2022, the new club will feature a 3.5-kilometer driving course designed by the famous team at Tilke Engineers & Architects. It is the first course in Japan created from scratch and will feature a max ascent of 20 percent, max descent of 16 percent, and 2,600-foot-long straight, something you won't find anywhere else in the world. Members are allowed to use their own cars, store them, and get maintenance checks before and after driving. Plus, professional race car drivers are on hand to provide one-on-one lessons.

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"The extremely hilly topography offers an astonishing basis for the track and makes the layout absolutely unique in the world," Dr. Carsten Tilke, Managing Director or Tilke Engineers & Architects, told Departures in a statement. "Drivers will enjoy mid-speed, technical sections as well as two high-speed straights of the 3.5 km track, which incorporates the highest safety and environmental standards. It will be ideal for all kinds of driver skills. As a car enthusiast and racing driver myself, I can't wait to drive my first laps at this amazing unique track."

And while driving is certainly the highlight, there are plenty of other activities available to keep members entertained. On-site, there will be a restaurant, bar and lounge, gym, hot spring baths, spa, a family lounge for members with kids, an outdoor play area, pool, dog run, and hiking trails. So even if you have family members, not into cars, there will still be ways for them to stay entertained while you hit the driving course. And all of this occurs with Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Bay in the background.

Not surprisingly, the first round of membership applications sold out.

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"Magarigawa will be home for car lovers. A sanctuary where members will be able to enjoy and share their passion with friends and family," Kenzo Watari, CEO, Cornes Group, told us in a statement. "It will be the answer to the perennial question—where do you drive an 800 horsepower supercar?"


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