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There’s an Anonymous Millionaire Planning a Battle Royale on a Private Island

And they’re looking for an arena designer.


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According to a somewhat mysterious listing on Hush Hush—a site focused on luxury shopping—there’s a millionaire out there planning a three-day Battle Royale-inspired event… on a private island. This particular event planner is looking to hire someone for the six-week project of designing the event’s arena. For the lucky person who nails down the job, the planner has offered payment of nearly $2,000 a day. Dust off those resumes.

Don’t get too nervous by the words “Battle Royale;” according to HypeBeast, contestants will be equipped in touch-sensitive armor and will be handed airsoft guns for the main battle. Despite the small number of details that have been shared, the anonymous planner has said that the three-day battle will take place over 12 hours each day. Competitors will be expected to camp on the island overnight with provided supplies.

Hush Hush, which seems to be the hiring company, has shared an application at the bottom of the call for a designer. This does come off more as an elaborate April Fools joke than a legitimate request, and that isn’t helped by the fact that there’s no date on the listing. Our fingers are crossed that this will indeed happen and that it will be livestreamed somewhere. Think: Hunger Games, but everyone comes out safe (and very much alive) at the end of it all.

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According to Hush Hush, they were approached by the millionaire, who was on the hunt for a private island to host the battle. The event will be limited to 100 people and the winner will take home close to $130,000 for their efforts. This might actually be the manifestation of all your childhood dreams.


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