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New Futuristic Business Class Seat Designed to Offer More Privacy

They’re safer too.


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It’s no surprise that air travel is going through a period of transition. Airlines have adapted their protocols to keep passengers safe, and even before COVID, there were discussions about making fliers more comfortable. The result was a plethora of concepts like a double-decker configuration and elevated middle seat. Now, a new futuristic design is being released that turns business class seats into futuristic pods.

Factorydesign London released renderings of what they call “Air Lair” that reveals pods stacked in a honeycomb-like setup. The pod setup allows travelers to have a more personalized flying experience. In each one, you can control the temperature, airflow, lighting, and entertainment settings. Plus, having more of a cocoon keeps a greater separation from travelers, promoting a hygienic environment.

These pods would be stacked on top of each other (in a staggered formation) and could be arranged to accommodate single travelers, couples, and even families. What’s more, is the design fits into a traditional airplane. So, no significant structural changes would need to occur, and it actually means more space for flyers.

While the design is currently being touted for business and first-class, the company initially created it for the back of the airplane. They thought these pods could act as works spaces, family setups, and for single travelers. Of course, there would be a luxurious cabin option using the Air Lair design as the base.

It might seem like the futuristic concept is, well, way off in the future. But Factorydesign London was responsible for designing the first business class seats with doors for Delta airlines. Now, it’s quite common to find such a setup. Not to mention, individual pod-like cabins are already located on airlines. Emirates has fully-enclosed suites, and Singapore Airlines has very private seating. Perhaps pods are just the next big thing.


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