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Here's what the Future of Airplane Cabins, Seats, and Amenities Looks Like

Moveable seats, voice-activated bathrooms and more could be part of your onboard experience.


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As technology continues to advance quickly, the hospitality industry is always looking for ways to improve its offerings and predict the future of travel. Hilton recently released a report on what accommodations could look like for travelers in 100 years, and now an Aircraft Interiors Expo revealed what airplane cabins might look like in the future.

The expo, which took place in Hamburg, Germany showcased everything from new seat configurations and food options to possible lighting changes. During the event, Crystal Cabin Awards are given to those who came up with the best new concepts. And it's these ideas that give us an insight into what onboard life could be like soon.

The "Connected Experience" from Airbus, for example, lets passengers order meals and snacks directly from their smartphone. The app will also let you know if your suitcase can fit overhead and you'll be able to communicate with the flight crew to express concerns over temperature and lighting.

German technology firm Diehl revealed their "voice-controlled lavatory" where passengers would be able to use the facilities without having to touch anything. This is both helpful for passengers who want to avoid getting sick in the confined space and for those with restricted mobility.

Air France already implemented one of the designs showcased at the expo called "LiFi Power." Developed by Latécoère, the technology transmits data using light speeding up wireless communication and connectivity one hundred times traditional wiring.

And the "Peacock Suites" by Paperclip Design won for its luxe and flexible First Class cabin setup. The concept allows the space to be configured according to passenger needs. So, a family compartment with a bunk bed, for example, can transform into a three-room setup.

While this certainly gave us a peek into the future, there's more to come as the Los Angeles edition of the Aircraft Interiors Expo is coming up in September where more awards will be handed out.


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