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Everlane's New Sneaker Brand Is Making Us Rethink Every Shoe We've Ever Bought

Tread by Everlane is about to debut, and its first style has the lowest environmental impact of any sneaker on the market.


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Sustainable and low-impact travel doesn't begin and end with an airline or a hotel. It's an all-inclusive intention, from the sunscreen you use to the shoes on your feet. Thankfully, sustainable clothing brand Everlane has you covered with the latter.

Sneakers are ubiquitous in fashion and synonymous with comfortable travel––more so now than ever. Not only that, but the classic rubber-soled shoes have been omnipresent in American wardrobes since their debut in the 18th century. Over time, of course, sneakers have evolved to become both stylish and functional, making their popularity skyrocket.

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The downside to this surge means that as billions of pairs are used, billions also end up in landfills, according to the U.S. Department of the Interior. Sneakers have an extremely heavy carbon footprint and are made largely from virgin plastic––something which, frankly, needs to come to an end.

As Everlane continues with its commitment to being entirely virgin plastic-free by 2021, a movement aptly named ReNew, this innovative sneaker marks the next step toward the brand's goal. With leather sourced from a manufacturer certified Gold by the Leather Working Group, a sole that’s 94.2% free of virgin plastic, and laces, lining, and strobel board crafted from recycled plastic, Tread by Everlane has made the cleanest sneaker available on the market. And our favorite fact of all: 9.5 discarded plastic bottles are renewed to make every pair. What's not to love?

Already highly-coveted, the sneaker will be available in an array of nature-mimicking shades, from "butter," a hue true to its name, to off-white and navy. Their construction, with a cushioned sole and soft ankle trimming, and materials, from sustainable leather to recycled plastic, make them the perfect investment shoe for travel: comfortable and timelessly beautiful. The sneaker is substantial enough to carry you for years to come...and align with the chunky sneaker trends of today.

The sneaker (to buy: $98) will be released on April 25th, a few days after Earth Day and right in time for spring.


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