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Our Favorite Luxury Brands for Every Kind of Product

The quality craftsmanship and timeless appeal of these brands’ products make them some of the best to invest in.


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As the prevalence of online shopping continues to drive the luxury goods market, the number of new luxury labels hitting the scene has also increased. It's become difficult to sort through brands to find the most quality-conscious and ensure the "luxury" you're investing in speaks to more than its price point and hype.

We've curated a short list of some of our most trusted and favored designer labels, the detail orientation, service, and design of which either reached or maintained status as some of the most popular among taste-makers around the world.

While some of the labels listed in the following collection––those we deem "the best"––may not surprise you (such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, and other major fashion houses), they are as deserving as ever of your attention. With hundreds of years of craft-perfecting under their extremely coveted belts, these labels are not to be overlooked.

Alongside these longstanding luxe labels, we've chosen a few newer labels creating bespoke and/or high-quality products that we're particularly impressed with.

Menswear: Dior

Kim Jones, Dior Men's current creative director and former Louis Vuitton-er, continues to reinvigorate Dior Men's brand––introducing virally coveted piece after piece––while staying true to the label's tradition of sharp tailoring. The latest fall/winter collection exhibits Jones' eye for functional and smart design through an innovative lens. Balance is a key theme throughout Jones' collections––spirited prints and textures are almost always paired with neutral, tailored accents––making Dior Men one of the most wearable luxury labels right now. This cherry blossom jacquard jacket appeared on Darren Criss at this year's Golden Globes.

To shop: Cherry Blossom Jaquard Jacket, $2,700,

Womenswear: Chanel

Another longstanding luxury label, Chanel pioneered womenswear as it continues to be seen today. The same (just softly re-imagined) quilted lambskin flap bag handbags and interlocking Cs still adorn the streets of fashion weeks and even beat out the S&P 500 in terms of its resale value. Chanel's late creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, continued Coco Chanel's legacy of a new femininity, one driven by women and their desires and choices. While quality construction keeps Chanel at the top of every luxury label ranking, the innovation and vision of its creative leadership (seen as clearly as ever in the cruise collection 2019/2020, available in stores November 2019) keep the brand as relevant and important as it was at the time of its inception.

To shop:

Skin and Hair Care: Aesop

Introductions to Aesop Skincare are not made by advertisements, and they don’t need to be. This Melbourne-born skincare brand, well-known throughout Australia and sought-after around the world for its clean packaging, effective blends, and luxury-meets-laboratory approach is one of the best on the market. Aesop maintains the integrity and effectiveness of their products by routinely ensuring the quality of their ingredients––sourced around the world––and not being afraid to change the source if the supply is sub-par. The brand also has a variety of concoctions, from toothpaste and mouthwash to gender-neutral scents and travel kits.

To buy: Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser 60ml, $60,; Lucent Facial Concentrate, $114,

Accessories: Hermès

When it comes to bags and scarves, Hermès is an industry legend for a reason. Each crafted by a single artisan in the fashion house's workshop, the Birkin bags are as much (if not more) of an investment as they are unparalleled pieces of artwork. This elusive handbag is the most expensive on Earth for a reason: they are painstakingly crafted, there are a surprising few in circulation, and even the biggest celebrities have to purchase them––no gifting here. They are also virtually guaranteed to provide you a stupendous return on your investment.

To buy: Birkin Handbags, inquire within Hermès storefronts. Baobab Cat Scarf, $415,

Bespoke Footwear: No.One

While made-to-order footwear is not necessarily ubiquitous, but it can be a bit daunting choosing which brand to trust with such a service. No.One in Los Angeles (a pun we very much appreciate) is making footwear with a tenable level of craftmanship. The bespoke footwear label extends more than just an experienced hand in crafting your ideal shoe, but works to manifest a deeper connection between your vision and the No.One artisan’s (vast) capabilities.

To buy: Bravo Red Suede Python Sneaker, $695,

Leatherwork and Suitcases: Louis Vuitton

In 2019, Louis Vuitton was determined to be the most valuable designer label in the world by BrandZ, having grown 15% over the past year in brand value and currently amounts to $47.2 billion in net worth. Purchasing certain designs (namely the Neverfull MM bag) from Louis Vuitton is known to be one of the smartest investments you can make at the moment, due to consistent high demand and periodic price increases. It’s safe to say that if you’re looking for luxury leather goods that can both be used for years to come and give you a return on your investment when you're ready, Louis Vuitton is a consistently impressive bet.

To shop:

Bespoke Motorcycles: Auto Fabrica

Auto Fabrica crafts motorcycles from scratch according to every client’s particular customization desires. Attention to detail is Auto Fabrica’s moda operandi, so every bike can be tailored exactly to reflect the needs of their potential owners with the resources they've housed in their workshop, based in Southend-on-Sea near London. Setup to design, prototype, manufacture a build from concept to final product, this brand is a one-stop-shop that aims for and achieves the highest quality minimalist design bikes around.

To inquire about commissioning a bike, contact

Cookware: Blanc Creatives

For iron and steel kitchenware, Blanc Creatives is the latest in quality design and craftsmanship. Everything down to the length of the pan handles to the curve of the knife is intentional and highly considered. And since they only produce one design of each of the most necessary kitchen (and garden) tools, it's easy to know what you need and to even restock your kitchenware collection with all the highest quality not-so-basics.

To buy: Medium Skillet, $250,


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