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Did This Luggage Company Just Create the Healthiest Suitcase?

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There’s nothing more frustrating than wheeling a suitcase through the narrow airplane aisle bumping every armrest along the way. But one luggage company found a way to alleviate that problem, and many other ergonomic design flaws, by developing a new concept: “push” luggage.

G-RO, the brand that rose to instant popularity in 2016 as the world’s most successful crowdfunded luggage, just launched another Kickstarter campaign page for its latest innovation, the G-RO SIX. The new bag features a push configuration allowing for zero additional energy to be exerted while rolling the bag. That means effortless maneuverability while navigating crowded places and narrow airplane aisles. Similar to pushing a baby stroller.

To do this, they spent years researching the physical impact roller bags have on travelers and found people had pain in their wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, elbow, and back due to muscle strain from pulling. The fix? They created a bag with several key details that make a huge difference.

“With the SIX, we created the healthiest, most ergonomic carry-on possible by taking all of the weight off the user and making steering effortless,” Netta Shalgi, founder and designer, G-RO, told Departures. “The bag is pushed and steered by the counterbalance of your body weight, which is great for anyone who travels a lot, but will especially help people who don’t have the strength and/or stamina to lug a bag.”

He added, “The extendable handle is also extra-long for the industry standard, creating a better lever to easily maneuver the bag as well as allowing taller travelers to walk comfortably and without hunching over.”

That’s in addition to the innovative spinner wheel design and patented large Axle-less wheel that increases maneuverability and allows you to pop a wheelie over obstacles or down a set of stairs.

To buy: $395,

Of course, they sought to find a design that increased functionality as well as ergonomics. By creating recessed handles and wheels, they were able to have the largest permitted carry-on sized bag while maximizing the interior space. The handle actually splits in half to achieve this goal. The top is also completely flat allowing you to place a cup of coffee or create a mini laptop working station while waiting.

With all of these innovative details, it’s no wonder the bag as fully funded in under 90-minutes, and 200% funded within four hours. The price of the SIX is $345, but if you back the campaign with the first 12-hours, you can get the bag for $295. The G-RO SIX is expected to ship by December 2019 in time for the holiday.


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