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This Cell Phone Helps You Disconnect on Vacation

It seems counterintuitive, but it just might work.


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Vacation is all about taking a break, relaxing, and disconnecting. Unfortunately, so many of us waste our precious time off posting to social media and answering emails from work. And while it's rare to have the chance to disappear for a while totally, a new phone promises to help you shut off and enjoy your getaway.

The newly-launched Light Phone II is a simple, 4G LTE phone that only features essential "tools" like calling, texting, and an alarm clock. There are no endless social pings and email alerts while you sip margaritas in Cozumel or climb Mt. Kiliminjaro bare-handed.

"Smartphones have become a necessary part of life to meet the demands of work and modern communication, but we've formed habits that seem to erode our humanity with each tap or scroll," Joe Hollier co-founder of Light, told Departures. "We created the Light Phone II as an alternative, as an essentials-only tool that gives people the ability to recharge, reflect, and experience the moments they are in without being distracted by smartphone notifications. We call the experience going light."

Co-founder Kaiwei Tang added, "The Light Phone II is designed to be used as little as possible, and every tool on the phone has a clear intention and utility rather than infinite feeds to get lost in. It encourages you to take a break from the smartphone, whether that's for a night out, a vacation, or for good."

According to research, we are on our smartphone 5.4 hours daily, and that excessive use is causing lasting health effects. The blue-light exposure is disturbing sleep patterns, and there are other mental health correlations with depression and anxiety. After all, there's a reason Nomophobia (no-mobile-phone) was the Cambridge Dictionary's People's Word of 2018.

"In today's 'always-on' world, we can forget to pull away from the digital demands," added Hollier. "The Light Phone II allows you the peace of mind to enjoy your travels, knowing you are reachable by loved ones, while not fighting for your attention during your vacation."

The phone works with AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile (your existing SIM card, call forwarding, or a $30/mo plan from Light) and costs $350. Additional features coming soon include ride-sharing, music, turn-by-turn directions, find my phone, and more.


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