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Designer belts are the perfect complement to a leather jacket and suede boots in the fall. They’re just a small pop of color and eye-catching fabric, and the right belt can be the accessory that ties an outfit together. When you’re picking out the perfect fall outfits for a weekend in the Berkshires, a last-minute trip to Europe, or Thanksgiving at home with your family, you want a belt that’s tasteful and can enhance an outfit without overtaking it. If you’re looking for a well-made belt that will make you look great this fall—and for many years to come—here are 10 of the best designer belts to consider buying for your autumn wardrobe.

Tom Ford Black-brown Reversible Belt

Made in Italy using full-grain leather, the T-buckle has more pizzazz than a classic belt buckle. Bring it on a business trip, and you’ll only need to pack one belt. The black side works perfectly with a suit, whereas the brown side pairs nicely with fall casual wear.

Shop: $720

Isabel Marant Lecce Leather Belt

This slip-fastening belt is meant to be worn with a dress or even a blazer-skirt combination. It should sit high on your waist, and the tan cow leather can complement a dark floral pattern or add a twist to a simple, dark-colored dress.

Shop: $120

Gucci Black Leather Belt

This thin Gucci belt can be used to cinch the waist of a work dress, or be worn on a night out with skinny jeans and a cropped shirt. The Italian-made leather belt has a GG gold buckle, which completes the signature Gucci vibe.

Shop: $350

Medium Perfect Leather Belt, Madewell

In cabernet, black, or pecan, this Madewell belt is simple but classic. While black goes with everything, the cabernet and pecan are quintessential fall colors and would accent navy chinos nicely.

Shop: $45

Revolve Luna Belt

From the gold D-buckle belt to the genuine black leather, you can keep wearing this belt after autumn into the winter and early spring. Revolve belts are handmade with a retro ‘60s and ‘70s feel.

Shop: $138

Prada Black Leather-Trimmed Belt

The trim on this canvas belt is Saffiano leather, and the canvas adds a rugged element to a classic business casual look. The D-ring puts a hint of prep into this designer belt.

Shop: $245

Yves St. Laurent Celtic Suede Belt

Made in Italy, you can tell right away this belt is Yves St. Laurent from the initials on the buckle interlaced with the Celtic design. While the buckle really gives this belt some edge, making it more of a statement piece, the tan suede mellows it out. Pair it with a white collared blouse and dark jeans to let the belt really shine.

Shop: $375

Anderson & Sheppard Woven Brown Leather Belt

Men often stray from the woven belts, but it’s not a trend you should shy away from, especially in the fall when a woven brown belt looks great with khakis and a sweater. This Anderson & Sheppard piece is made in Italy and the buckle is burnished gold.

Shop: $305

Brunello Cucinelli Brown Suede Belt

Made at the Brunello Cucinelli headquarters in Solomeo, Italy, this suede belt has a strong silver buckle. The deep, multi-dimensional tan is just right for your fall wardrobe; it will complement a burgundy pullover sweater and dark pants.

Shop: $525

J. Crew Perforated Italian Leather Belt

The dark mauve or cedar color of this J.Crew belt is the perfect accessory for transitioning from summer dresses to fall slacks. The light gold buckle and perforations keep it casual, and it can work not only with a pair of dark jeans, but on a chambray or sweater dress.

Shop: $29.50


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