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Mismatched Earrings for a Stylishly Unconventional Look

Because symmetry is sometimes overrated.


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Mismatched earrings are the ultimate statement-making accessories. Regardless of their style—whether larger drop earrings or smaller studs—they are sure to attract some attention.

“Mixing and matching your earrings is a great yet subtle way to showcase one’s personal style through jewelry,” said designer Mio Harutaka. “Incorporate this trend into your daily outfits by sticking to a common theme or color.”

Asymmetrical earrings add an unexpected element that can make even the most casual jeans-and-t-shirt combo look a lot more interesting. And speaking of style, mismatched earrings come in every possible shape and form so regardless of your personal style, you are sure to find a pair that matches your design preferences.

“For an easy day look, I suggest wearing mismatched studs or pairing different metals and stones with one another,” added Harutaka. “For a bolder evening look try playing with different lengths as they make you take notice and lean in for a closer look.”

Here, we rounded up the most stylish and eye-catching mismatched earrings to shop right now.

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Julie Wolfe Mixed-gemstone Fern Mismatched Drop Earrings

These gorgeous handmade earrings feature two different tourmaline gemstones that connect the fern-shaped drops.

To buy: $850,

Pamela Love Fine Jewelry Mismatched Satellite Drop Earrings

Beautiful pink opal, turquoise, and malachite gemstones complement these satellite-inspired earrings crafted from 18-karat polished gold.

To buy: $4,500,

Lauren X Khoo Atlantic Pacific Mismatched 18K Gold and Diamond Drop Earrings

Black and white may be classic hues but here they make for quite the one-of-a-kind combination. These drop earrings are made from 18-karat gold and are encrusted with black and white diamonds.

To buy: $20,300,

Roksanda Mismatched Sculptural Wood Drop Earrings

These eye-catching drop earrings are made from olive wood shaped into asymmetrical silhouettes.

To buy: $365,

Roxanne Assoulin Over-the-top Mismatched Earrings

Perfect for spring, these floral-inspired clip earrings feature pastel-colored Swarovski crystals.

To buy: $280,

Miu Miu Gold-tone, Enamel and Crystal Earrings

Staying true to the brand’s fun and playful aesthetic, these earrings feature painted colorful floral-inspired enamel and encrusted crystals.

To buy: $460,

Sonia Boyajian Piano Mismatched Ceramic Drop Earrings

Show off these gorgeous roaring 20s drop earrings by styling your hair in a ponytail or another updo that will reveal these beauties.

To buy: $1,271,

Bina Goenka 18-karat Gold Multi-stone Earrings

Handcrafted with pink mother-of-pearl, Mozambique rubies, and round-cut diamonds, these mismatched earrings are the definition of stunning.

To buy: $34,760,

Isabel Marant Asphalt Mismatched Earrings

Step up your fashion game with these cool French-made geometric earrings.

To buy: $315,


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