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Facial Treatments That Will Help Your Skin Survive and Shine Through Winter

With the temperature dropping and the air getting drier by the day, there’s no better time to give your face some extra love and attention.


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Believe it or not, colder weather does have its benefits, a favorite being an increase in blood circulation, resulting in de-puffiness and rosy, youthful cheeks. But unfavorable reactions, such as flaky patches, chapped lips, increased acne, and an overall dry appearance, are all too common during these months. We want hydration and moisture! And, of course, protection. Slide any of these treatments into your schedule before the holiday parties and get-togethers ramp up and you’re bound to get a compliment or two on your dewy, glowing skin.

Naturopathica Bio-energy Lift Facial

Naturopathica, the beloved beauty and wellness brand who believes in the power of a clean process and mother nature’s ingredients, adds the Bio-Energy Lift Facial to their roster. This treatment utilizes the power of the Hydrafacial™, the liquid microdermabrasion technology that all-in-one removes impurities, deeply exfoliates and extracts, and intensely hydrates, and combines it with the beauty brand’s Bio-energy Lift Serum and Contouring Cream. These products contain a copper and amino acid complex that helps to restore firmness and re-energize skin cells. It’s an hour of relaxation and bliss, and we’re sure you’ll be hooked on Naturopathica after this facial.

To book: $225 for 60 mins;

WTHN’s Glow: Face Time

Traditional Chinese Medicine can teach us a thing or two about natural healing. Thanks to companies like WTHN, an acupuncture studio in NYC’s Flatiron District, the ancient Chinese tradition and results-driven beauty regimen is slowly coming out of the shadows and showing all of its true benefits. The idea behind acupuncture is that you don’t need to be sick or in pain to have routine appointments. On the contrary, regular visits when you’re healthy is what can keep you healthy.

WTHN’s clear and concise menu of treatment options spells out the most common conditions that acupuncture can help with, not the least of which being chronic pain, digestion, women’s health (think menopause, fertility, PMS), stress and anxiety, fatigue, and building immunity.

Suffering from multiple conditions and can’t just choose one? WTHN’s expert healers will talk through your concerns and customize your visit and treatment plan. And our current favorite for the winter season? The Glow: Face Time treatment. Focusing solely on the face, this treatment will revive and relax your facial muscles while rejuvenating your skin, reducing wrinkles, calming inflammation, boosting elastin, and promoting collagen production. Especially this time of the year, stimulating blood circulation is a necessity. And a bonus for those who suffer from sinus infections: It relieves nasal congestion and pressure. A natural alternative to Botox, this oldie but goodie will have you hooked.

To book: $65 for the Start WTHN Intro Special (45 minutes + 15 minutes acu-sessment);


The Thermage system, a non-invasive treatment that uses radio frequency technology to stimulate your body’s natural collagen production and improve skin laxity, is an interesting option for those who are looking to avoid any incisions or surgeries. For nearly anywhere on your face or body, Thermage can help to firm and tighten those areas where you might want that extra lift. The results include softened wrinkles, contour, and definition improvements, and overall smoother and younger looking skin. Is there immediate satisfaction, you ask? There’ll be little to no recovery or downtime following your treatment and while you’ll certainly enjoy an initial glow, the best will be yet to come as you’ll only continue to see improvements as the months pass and the collagen production in the deeper layers of your skin increases. Most clients enjoy their results for one to two years.

To book: Price upon request'

SKINNEY Medspa’s Salt Facial

With the minerals in sea salt being many of the same minerals that play a major role in helping to balance, protect, and repair our skin, it’s no wonder we turn to the common kitchen item for help when our skin is in distress. Especially during the harsh winter months, once our skin’s mineral balance is skewed, symptoms such as dryness, dullness, and irritation start to appear.

Recognizing the power in sea salt, SKINNEY Medspa’s Salt Facial uses a three-step process to give your face a refreshed look and feel. In the first step, Himalayan salt—a highly recognized disinfectant—and negative suction work together to deeply exfoliate, detoxify, and clear out dead skin cells. Following exfoliation, you’ll enjoy an ultrasonic massage, which helps to increase circulation and feed your skin full with nutrients. And finally, LED phototherapy—a non-invasive light therapy used to repair damage, activate collagen production, and increase the rate of skin cell renewal—completes the process. You’ll instantly notice the difference in texture and tone after this powerful cleanse. For anyone who’s looking to fight winter dryness or wanting to treat skin conditions ranging from acne to pigmentation issues, this treatment will restore and reveal vibrant, healthy skin.

To book: Price upon request;


PROVEN, a personalized skincare regimen that advances as you do, utilizes M.I.T award-winning AI technology to identify the effects of different ingredients on your skin, and has created a skincare assessment to help them develop the right products to best suit your unique skin. The assessment takes several factors into consideration, including your genetic background, skin type, climate and environment, and lifestyle, just to name a few. The regimen includes their Daily Cleanser, Anti-Pollution SPF 30 Cream, and Night Repair Cream. And as things will change in your life—think: Increased stressors, pregnancy, location change—PROVEN will re-assess and update your products appropriately. This clean beauty brand promises to cleanse, protect, and repair your skin, with results continuing to improve over time.

To book: Price upon request;


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