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Necessary Luxury: Neil deGrasse Tyson

Astrophysicist, host of National Geographic Channel’s StarTalk, and author of the show’s first companion book, out this month

Home Grown


Home Grown

A countertop composter that transforms everyday scraps into usable soil.

Fashion for Good


Fashion for Good

Sky High Farm forges an alliance between fashion, art, and agriculture to tackle...

LifeLabs MegaWarm: The Best Winter Jacket


The World’s Warmest Jacket

This deliciously pillowy puffer — made from 87% recycled materials — will keep you...

“A glass of fine aged Burgundy from Vosne-Romanée can be transcendent. I have laid awake at night still experiencing the wine on my palate, wondering how a liquid substance could be so haunting to my senses. I pair it with Roquefort, crackers, and a few dried cranberries. I like to read my old science books by candlelight. It allows me to commune through time with those who read the book before electricity. One I turn to often is Christiaan Huygens’s Celestial Worlds Discover’d; I own the first English translation, from 1698. In it, the Dutch polymath theorizes on what the atmospheres and surfaces of known planets might be like. I keep a collection of fountain pens, which I use to write speeches. Two favorites are a quill pen and a Caelum, by Pelikan, which has the solar system across its barrel.”


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