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16 Luxe CBD Products to Help You Relax This Holiday Season

Celebrating the season can get stressful. Luckily, these stylish CBD products are here to offer relief.


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The holidays can mean many things: precious moments spent with family, great gifts, city lights all a twinkle, an abundance of festive cakes of all shapes and sizes. But it can also mean stress, long airport lines, and potentially too much "quality time" with family, friends, and coworkers. To unwind from everyday life, many are embracing CBD, a cannabis compound with non-psychoactive properties shown to help with anxiety, insomnia, pain, and depression, as well as chronic ailments like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Beyond ubiquitous, CBD is now infused into everything from chocolate treats to espresso shots.

“CBD is popular for a few reasons,” says Verena von Pfetten, co-founder of Gossamer, a glossy new culture mag for global hemp lovers. She points out that CBD is accessible for those across the country, not just marijuana-friendly states like California or Colorado, making it an easy-to-use pain reliever. CBD is also most helpful when taken as a daily supplement since it contains enzymes that naturally regulate the body. “The most important thing is to look for good, reputable products that offer third-party testing, which means they can confirm that the amount of CBD in their products matches what they put on the label.”

Luxury hotels are also getting in on the CBD craze. The Standard in Los Angeles has installed a CBD dispensary in its hotel lobby and now stocks its minibar with CBD-enhanced products. Meanwhile, Ojai Valley Inn and The Spa at Auberge Beach (among others) have incorporated CBD into their treatments. “CBD often has a relaxing effect, something you want to experience poolside on a beautiful day to kick even further back,” says Aytan Litwin, Founder and CEO of White Space, a luxe hospitality consulting group.

Even if you can’t jet away to your own private island this winter, these luxe CBD products can provide some much need rest and relaxation.

Mineral Health Mind + Body Self Care Kit

One of the few brands to offer a 1000 mg tincture, this Austin-based apothecary boasts top quality, great packaging, and a formulation that's garnering raves even from top CBD enthusiasts.

To buy: $150;

Sträva Craft Coffee Peace & Wellness Collection

For those days when your "get up and go" is leaning more towards "stay in and take it slow," Colorado’s Sträva Craft Coffee offers a specialty grade Colombian bean infused with 30mg of CBD per 12 oz of beans. The brand also recently introduced Restore (120mg) and Elevate (240mg), as well as its full Peace & Wellness Collection.

To buy: $34.95;

Lucent Botanicals CBD Mints

Who doesn’t want to take the edge off that office holiday party? Instead of a stiff drink, pop one of Lucent Botanical’s charming CBD mints to help ease anxiety and give yourself minty-fresh breath.

To buy: $29.99-$199.99;

Recess CBD and Adaptogen-infused Sparkling Water

For those who don’t drink, but still want a kick of something refreshing during a night out or backyard bbq, Recess’s delicious CBD-infused sparkling water offers a fantastic alternative. Featuring flavors like pom hibiscus and peach ginger, and delivered in bright, Instagram-friendly packaging, we predict picking up a six-pack will make you the most popular person at this year's Secret Santa.

To buy: $29 for the Sampler;

Bluebird Botanicals Signature Blend

One of the most respected and widely used CBD concentrates, Bluebird Botanicals' classic blend is a whimsical mix of frankincense, black seed oil, and organic hemp.

To buy: $119;

Lazarus Naturals CBD Citrus Cedar Balm

Get in the holiday spirit with this cedar-scented balm. Each ½ teaspoon is infused with 50mg of organic CBD and complimented by organic mango butter, beeswax, cedar, and coconut oil (among other natural ingredients). We especially appreciate the notes of Valencia Orange oil, which add a summery warmth to this holiday-inspired balm.

To buy: $15-50;

Dr. Kerklaan CBD Sleep Cream Natural CBD Sleep Cream

We could go into all the curative properties of Dr. Kerklaan’s Natural CBD Sleep Cream, but the most important thing to know is that it works. Within a half hour, even your most sleep-deprived friends and family members will be soundly catching Zzzs.

To buy: $52;

Green Helix Beauty Restoration Body Oil

Sold in three cheery scents, this full spectrum, 2000mg body oil is said to relieve joint and muscle pain while rehydrating skin and providing much-needed anti-oxidants. Quick-absorbing, it not only protects against harsh winter winds and provides a radiant, dewy finish, but also looks extremely glamorous on your vanity table.

To buy: $139.99

Ildi Pekar 's CBD-Infused Sleeping Mask

From the acclaimed New York-based facialist, these high-quality products provide an active amount of CBD. “Which is rare for skincare,” says Verena von Pfetten of Gossamer. “Their overnight sleeping mask is a godsend.”

To buy: $125;

Beboe's Calming Blend CBD Vaporizer

Perfect for relaxing afternoons, or for making a splash at your next Great Gatsby-themed party, these art deco-inspired vapes add a touch of class and are good for 120 doses. Each pen contains CBD and natural plant terpenes and 500mg of CBD oil.

To buy: $75;

Lily CBD Oil

With its on-point packaging and branding, Lily CBD’s chic bottles are perfect for throwing into your purse or toiletry bag on the go. Use a few drops with your daily moisturizer for the ultimate winter chill vibe.

To buy: $99-249;

The Standard x Lord Jones CBD Gummies

This unique collaboration between the luxury hotelier and bespoke CBD company Lord Jones can only be scooped up at participating Standard Hotels. (But it’s well worth the visit to pick up a few boxes as gifts.)

Price available upon request

The Gold Q Hemp-Infused Hand Cream

Paraben-free and plant-based, this lightweight hand cream is ideal for dry winter skin and sleek enough to fit in any purse, making it ideal for hitting the holiday party scene.

To buy: $38;

Gron Chocolate’s Indulge Box Set

Nothing makes a better pairing than the holidays and copious amounts of chocolate, especially if the latter is infused with relaxing CBD. Grön CBD, a pioneer in the hand-crafted CBD product space, offers this deluxe gift set filled with sweet confections, skincare, and tinctures made from organic plant material. Pro-tip: the caramel sauce goes great with almost everything.

To buy: $275;

Veritas Farms Massage Oil

A combination of full-spectrum hemp oil and organic golden jojoba oil, unwind after a long day with a relaxing CBD massage from a loved one.

To buy: $99;

Shea Brand CBD Restorative Lip Balm

Since lips contain the thinnest skin on our faces, they also make for the best receptors for absorbing CBD into the system. This stylish balm contains CBD isolate, beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter in a perfect, upbeat package.

To buy: $13;


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