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With as many soirees as are on your calendar this month, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for each host. To hit the mark between practical and personal every time, we recommend festively wrapping a quality bottle of wine or champagne (we recommend SIMI's newest sparkling number: 1876 Blanc de Noirs). But don't fret: these totally fool-proof instructions on how to wrap a wine bottle with have you achieving gift-wrap looks as impressive as they are easy. So, take your pick from these three beautiful styles, presented by SIMI Winery, and your classic gift is sure to dazzle any host.

The Fan Top

This full-coverage design is perfect for more refined gatherings. Here is how to wrap this elegant style:

Measure paper 8” above the top of your vertically placed bottle and cut. After ensuring enough width to wrap the bottle with on either side, add an inch and finish cutting your rectangle.

Place bottle two inches from the bottom of paper and roll from one side to the other. Fold the raw edge of the paper inward a half inch to create a cleanly folded edge and place double stick tape on the fold. Finish rolling the bottle so it is completely wrapped.

Fold the bottom of the paper into the bottom of the bottle and tape to secure. Stand the bottle up before you with the taped seam side on the back. Fold the paper at the neck of the bottle into a flat rectangle that faces you. Begin folding centimeter sized folds one way and the other all the way down to the top of the bottle. Tape the last fold down with double-sided tape.

Bring each side of the pleats up to meet each other, placing double-sided tape where they meet to create a fan. From here, you may add a stick-on ribbon, tie a bow, or get creative with decorations.

The Fan Wrap

Achieving this impressive showstopper is deceptively simple. Here's how to wrap a wine bottle that deserves to be shown off:

Start by measuring the paper twice the height of the bottle and cut to a perfect square. Fold corner to corner to form a triangle, then trim the edges if necessary. Separately, cut a rectangle long enough to wrap around the base of the bottle and about an inch wide and set aside.

Turn the triangle so that the top is pointing away from you. Lay the bottle vertically on either edge of the triangle and roll it towards the middle.

Begin folding the other side of the triangle inward half an inch. Then, fold that same piece backward half an inch. Continue folding back and forth until you reach the bottle.

Carefully stand your bottle up and, ensuring the label of your bottle faces front, pull the bottom part of the fan you just created to the base of the bottle and tape to secure.

Wrap the rectangle piece you cut earlier around the base of the bottle. Fold a half inch of the rectangle's raw edge inward and tape to secure. Add raffia or ribbon to the base of your display.

The Tassel Wrap

Complete with hand-cut tassels, it’s the perfect gift-wrap style to show off some gorgeous paper. Here's how to wrap a wine bottle as festive as the holiday party you'll bring it to:

Begin by cutting a piece of paper 6" taller than the bottle with width enough to wrap around the bottle once, plus 2".

Turn the paper face-down and lay the bottle down vertically on the one side of the cut paper. Ensure the bottom of the bottle is 2" from the bottom of the paper.

Roll the bottle from one side to the other. Before completing the roll, fold down the end of the paper one centimeter and place double-sided tape inside the fold to hold in place. Place another small strip of double-sided tape on the inside of your folded edge and finish rolling the bottle over the fold.

Tuck the excess paper at the bottom into the bottle and tape to secure. Then, stand the bottle up.

Form a fist around the paper and neck of your bottle, slightly twisting as you crunch the paper around the neck. Secure the neck by wrapping ribbon, raffia, or twine around it. Lastly, add vertical cuts to the access paper above the neck to create a tassel effect.

And there you have it, three perfectly (and artfully) wrapped bottles that will wow any gift recipient.


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