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Cheese Fans, You Probably Need This Tool Come Grilling Season

Melt your cheese right on the barbecue this grilling season with Cheese Barbeclette.


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'Tis nearly the season for outdoor soirees and lazy afternoons spent basking in the sunshine with a barbecue close by.

While there are plenty of timers, tongs, spatulas, and other grilling devices to elevate the grill experience, one of our favorite tools will make cheese fans very pleased.

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Whether you're a master backyard griller or new to the 'cue and looking to build your grilling toolbox ahead of Memorial Day, for a truly outstanding grilling experience Boska (maker of fine Dutch cheese accessories for over a century)'s Cheese Barbeclette ($9.90, helps you perfectly melt cheese right on the barbecue.

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What is it? Essentially, a portable cheese melting raclette device that you can place straight on the grill and melt cheese to perfection, scraping the gooey goodness with a special spatula that comes with the set.

It doesn't need to be confined to the traditional Swiss raclette cheese, of course, Boska suggests trying low-fat cheeses like a sharp cheddar on your burger, provolone on your Italian hero, or colby jack on enchiladas.

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Boska has three different varieties of the Barbeclette, too. There's the Cheese Barbeclette which works on the grill, yes but there's also Partyclette To-Go ($19.95, that is the Barbeclette with the addition of a frame that allows for three tealights to slot underneath the pan so no grill is actually necessary, melt your cheese on the go. And for the traditional raclette, there's the Raclette Quattro Concrete in copper, concrete, and white ceramic (from $186.76, which comes in a quarter wheel or half wheel size.

So you've now elevated your grill recipes with some perfectly oozing, gooey cheese. Next, it's time to nail the art of the cheese plate, with cheese aficionado Marissa Mullen's step-by-step guide.


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