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11 Products and Advancements That Have Forever Changed the Way We Travel

The 2021 Legend Awards.


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It’s fair to say the travel industry became, in many arenas, almost unrecognizable in 2020, but the industry is steadily making a comeback thanks in part to the technology giving travelers peace of mind when navigating this new landscape. Given the concerns of coronavirus spread, many of the products we selected for the 2021 Legend Awards reflect the need for travelers to feel safe when wandering the world. These products, as well as those geared toward entertainment and maintaining skincare routines while on-the-go, are not only innovative, they are quite literally changing the way we travel. When it’s time to pack a suitcase for your first 2021 travel adventure, you may want to consider these legendary products.

Second Wind Mask Chain

Gone are the days of stuffing your face mask into a pocket or around your wrist for safe keeping. Mask chains from Second Wind, offer a supremely stylish solution for on-the-go mask wearing. These mask chains (which, we should mention, have been worn by the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) mean you have your mask on hand at all times.

DeCurtis Kiosk

The technology behind DeCurtis Kiosks simplifies health and safety screening. Their recently developed DeCurtis Shield offers one of the fastest and easiest solutions to temperature scans. It’s effective and completely touch-free. Hotels have taken to positioning DeCurtis Kiosks at their entrance so that guests can have their temperature taken upon check in, to provide additional security and peace of mind for those on property.

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This second-time Legend Award honoree offers stylish protection from allergens and other unwanted airborne contaminants. Activated charcoal filters and innovative antimicrobial cloth separate Scough from traditional bandanas or scarves. They’re multi-purpose and machine washable.

LEED Platinum MERV14 plane filters

Thank LEED Platinum MERV14 filters for fresh air on the jetbridge. Delta found that using these filters resulted in 40% reduction in air particles (read: cleaner air) during boarding and deplaning. This technology, while unseen, contributed to transforming air travel this year.

AirFly Pro

Traveling with the AirFly Pro means you’ll never miss out on in-flight entertainment again. The wireless headphone adapter plugs into a headphone jack and connects to bluetooth headphones. So, with the handy adapter, you can watch any movie you’d like, no wires required.

Coway Air Filter

The Coway Air Filter has multiple lines of defense, including a HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, and a pre-filtering layer, for peak purification. The gold standard for air purification in hospitality, the Coway Airmega actively monitors in-room air quality and the fan settings automatically adjust. Hotels and wellness studios across the country—and the world—are relying heavily on Coway Air Filters, while also using ventilated spaces and distancing, to put their guests at ease amid COVID-19.

Tinted Protective Face Shields

While masks are essential for travel right now, we’ve found adding a face shield to be game-changing in terms of feeling safe in airports or on any kind of public transportation. These tinted protective face shields from Kenneth Cole offer a chic alternative to bland, transparent face shields. They are anti-fog, which allows you to operate as you normally would—while donning an extra layer of protection.

UV LightStrike Robots

Perhaps the most popular cleaning technology in hospitality right now is Xenex LightingStrike Robot. Used in hospitals, as well as at leading hotels, these UV robots can destroy pathogenic bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. The LightingStrike makes it possible to disinfect a hotel room in minutes.

ZIIP Beauty Tool

This multi-functional beauty tool is a traveler’s dream. With nine different treatment settings, the ZIIP Beauty Tool uses electrical currents to treat nearly any skincare woe you face—acne, signs of aging, and hyperpigmentation included. Slather on the priming gel and let the ZIIP work it’s magic.

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TSA Anti-microbial Bins

In a pandemic, a high-traffic area like airport security translates to high risk. In an effort to minimize risk at all exposure points, Delta partnered with the TSA to roll out antimicrobial bins at select airports. The antimicrobial technology helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, adding another safeguard for travelers.

PhoneSoap3 UV Smartphone Cleaner

The PhoneSoap3 UV Smartphone Cleaner is a germ-conscious traveler’s best friend. With two UV-C bulbs that are proven to kill 99% of germs, it sanitizes your entire phone in minutes—while charging your phone simultaneously.


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