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Farewell White, This Is the Wedding Dress Color You’ll See Brides Wearing in 2019

Searches on Pinterest for this wedding trend are off the charts.


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If you’re planning a wedding for 2019 and you haven’t bought your dress yet, listen up. If you’ve been on the fence about finding and wearing a white wedding dress, you’re in luck. This is the year where traditional wedding dresses take a step back to make some room for a more colorful trend.

According to Pinterest, searches for gold wedding dresses are up 1,552 percent. Now, this may not be a huge departure from the white, cream, or ivory dresses you’re used to seeing, but the possibilities are pretty intriguing. The pin Pinterest referenced in its trend report is inspiration enough to hop on the bandwagon, with its golden butterfly-esque detailing at the back of the dress. If a gold dress doesn’t fit your style, go for small, golden details like stitching throughout your dress or gold ribbon incorporated into your hairstyle.

The best part about a gold wedding dress is that it still matches just about any wedding color scheme you choose. From bright, bold metallics to basic primaries, a pop of gold will not only stand-out but add an edge to your photos.

Aside from a change in dress color, Pinterest users are also on the search for a few other wedding trends. Searches for backyard weddings are up 441 percent, smoke bomb wedding photos are a hot trend with an increase of 436 percent, and personalized neon wedding signs are up 281 percent in search.

No matter what you decide to do for your own celebration, the trends say one thing: Decorations and photo ops are only getting more adventurous when it comes to your nuptials.


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