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Is Decorative, Wearable Perfume the Future of Fragrance?

We think so!


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Perfume is one of the most personal beauty items. There’s no doubt about it, having a signature scent can become as much a part of one’s identity as anything else. And while traditional eau de parfums are always nice, there’s also a new wave of unconventional fragrance methods that are taking the world by storm for their unusual methods of application.

Whether it’s a scented piece of jewelry that slowly releases your favorite scent, or a special temporary tattoo that proves to last longer than a traditional perfume, a few companies are making waves for their new, innovative application. Not only that, some of these unique types of fragrances are also better for travel. They’re so much smaller, more compact, lightweight, and wearable—they tend to make yesterday’s rollerball feel outdated. Here, three inventive takes on fragrance.

Perfumed Jewelry

The cult-worthy French fragrance brand Diptyque is just one of the brands that has branched out into unconventional perfume this fall. The latest launches from the brand are the Perfume Patches (which resemble a decorative fake tattoo), brooches, and bracelets that give off some of the same signature scented the brand is known for. The tattoos are made of satin for a luxurious and comfortable feel against skin, while the bracelets are meant to be temporary; with 30 string bracelets per pack.

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“Diptyque is always exploring, inventing, and innovating—the Prêts-à-Parfumer collection is no exception. The concept behind Prêts-à-Parfumer was to imagine different ways of wearing perfume,” Julien Gommichon, President of Diptyque tells Departures. “The brand wanted to take everyday objects and give them the unexpected ability to release perfume. With the Prêts-a-Parfumer we went even further, playfully intertwining fragrance and materials. This collection also brings a visible and decorative aspect to the fragrance.”

Visual Fragrances

Similar to Diptyque’s latest launches, the brand Amkiri launched in New York City this past spring as the world's "first visual fragrance"—the format is a stencil semi-permanent tattoo, instead of a typical bottle of liquid. However, the strikingly innovative thing about this product is that it’s entirely customizable, as the formula is a stencil and wand. Choose between 95 different designs in white or charcoal to get a unique look.

Amkiri was founded by Shoval Shavit Shapiro, a designer educated in Tel Aviv and Berlin. The Visual Fragrance scent & design also promises to last 12+ hours after the first application, and it’s also hypoallergenic, water, and sweat-resistant, alcohol-free as well as vegan and cruelty-free.

Perfumed Lipsticks

Innovative fragrance brand Kilian is rewriting the codes of traditional perfume with its Le Rouge Parfum, a line of scented lipsticks all in various shades of red. With weighty black and gold packaging, each lipstick feels like a glamorous keepsake from an era of the past. As for the scent itself, Kilian has perfumed each lipstick with gourmand and floral notes, and a combination of marshmallow and orange blossom notes.

“The quest of every woman to find their perfect Rouge is exactly the same as the quest to find the perfect scent. Once they find it, it becomes their signature. The objective for Le Rouge Parfum was to create a collection that allows women to find their perfect red in gorgeous, scented lip colors—for lips that make a woman feel daring and elegant and the same time,” explains the founder of the brand, Kilian Hennessy. And while Le Rouge Parfum isn’t meant to replace your traditional everyday fragrance, it’s more of an experimentation in applying perfume. Think of it as a second (or third) layer to add to your existing fragrance routine.


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