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These Are the Defining Street Style Trends From New York Fashion Week

This fashion week, it's all about the pop of something unexpected.


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Fashion week is here in New York City, and statements are being made with the ensembles seen outside the shows. As menswear and women's wear continue to exchange ideas and stray from tradition, the street styles of fashion week in New York City are becoming increasingly experimental. We are seeing celebrities, models, and fashion moguls engaging with scale more than ever before––think supremely oversized puffer coats meeting skin-tight sock heels and micro-bags.

Traditional fashion "rules" are being broken: layers and layers of the same hue, navy and black together, etc. Clashing––from patterns to colors and shapes––has become an art form in fashion. While classic street style MOs, like sneakers, nylon, and neon, are still making their much-revered appearances, new riffs on anything unexpected are definitely at play. Here, we take note of some of these unconventional trends and the looks that have best displayed them during New York Fashion Week.

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Camel and White

The warmth and freshness of this color combination have caught on, making it a popular look this fashion week. Its subtlety makes it perfect on its own or as a chic way to tone down an otherwise bright ensemble.

Black-and-White Stripe Outerwear

Black-and-white begs to be worn with a pop of color, and we’re especially loving teal for this stripe-and-color collaboration.


Color is the move this season as head-to-toe lilac, crimson, and even forest green looks adorn the streets of fashion week. We're seeing the articles and accessories of these outfits either the same hue or temperature.

Fluorescent Yellow

This vibrant orangey-yellow hue is surprisingly flattering on a multitude of hair and skin tones. This fashion week, we’re seeing it used to accent elegant ensembles and even carry entire outfits altogether.


If there was one print to represent the trends of 2019, it would be python. Snake-effect, in all its conceivable colors and treatments, has become a staple in the wardrobes of fashion’s top influencers.

Suits and Sets

Matching sets of uniquely shaped or patterned suits––belted, of course––are prevalent this season. They're the ideal work-to-drinks outfit and can be experimented with by adding a baseball cap or even sneakers.


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