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Designer Rebecca Minkoff Shares Her Fall Fashion and Beauty Secrets

With the arrival of fall comes major pressure to up your fashion game. We tapped the New York-based designer for her advice.


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Fall is a time of transition—from humidity and heat to cool, crisp air; from swimsuit season to sweater weather. But in the fashion world, fall—and specifically, the Fashion Week-filled month of September—signals a shift of its own, a debut of trends to come.

“For me, Fashion Week feels like the first day of school,” womenswear and accessories designer Rebecca Minkoff told DEPARTURES. “You’re really excited to see all your friends again, and you’re also a little nervous because so much has changed.”

When creating her new line, set to debut this month, the New York-based designer—whose intimate New York Fashion Week show took place at her flagship store in Soho on Sept. 9—zeroed in on one of her favorite bands for inspiration.

“The Rolling Stones went on their 1969 American Tour that ended in New York City,” Minkoff says. “And I think Keith Richards was—I don’t want to say dating [Italian actress and model] Anita Pallenberg at the time, but they were definitely having fun together. A lot of the reference imagery that I pulled was during that time, based on what he wore and what she wore. So, for the show, we...really [decked] out the store into a Chelsea hotel—dark, Persian rugs, velvet, lots of random scarves tied onto things...like a Bohemian rock den of sorts.”

As Minkoff powers through one of the busiest and most vibrant months of her year, we asked her to share her fall fashion and beauty must-haves, plus tips for traveling, styling, and splurging.

On Her Packing Essentials for a Fall Trip

“I have a game I play with myself [when I travel], where I try and pack everything into a carry-on no matter how long of a distance I’m going—I feel like I’ve won something if I achieve it. But I feel like I’ll always do a leather jacket, because that’s an easy thing to throw on; and mixing up your jewelry can keep the same outfit going for several days.

And all my supplements and my face cream—for me, that’s almost more important than clothing [because] if you look tired when you’re traveling, people notice that first. I was just introduced to this Vitamin C treatment from SkinCeuticals that you use in the morning; I’ve been using it in combination with Natura Bisse The Cure Sheer Cream, and I’m hooked.”

On the Summer Staple That’s Also a Transition Piece

“I don’t want to sound boring, but it definitely is that leather jacket. We make a cropped one [with] a cropped sleeve, so in the summertime you don’t feel so hot, and in the wintertime you can throw a sweater under it. I feel like I’m always in that [piece].

I pretty much [prefer the color] black, but we did a bunch of jackets this season that had different embroidery and stud layouts, and we did some in suede, so I’m expanding my portfolio that way versus color.”

On Her Fall Beauty Must-Haves

“I’m going to say this is a makeup product even though it’s a pill, because I feel that since I started taking it, I actually have to wear almost no makeup. It’s a probiotic; the name of the brand is Ortho Biotic. Whatever it does to your gut, it makes your skin glow in a way no makeup product I’ve found has [done].

An actual makeup product would be Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wonder Youth-Boosting Perfect Skin Foundation. You don’t look like you’re wearing makeup; you just look like you’re healthy. But if you really want to be healthy, take the probiotic.”

On the Luxury Piece to Splurge on This Fall

“We did this denim jacket, the Rory, that has a new [fox] fur interior that zips. But in terms of a piece not from us? Isabel Marant did these crazy, all-over studded and beaded jeans in their last runway show. You might make noise when you walk and it might be totally the worst idea in the world but they look really pretty.”

On a Fall Trend She’s Not Thrilled About

“This is kind of a trend that I feel is only going to get worse in the fall: the dark lip. The black, purpley lip. I hate it.”

Rebecca Minkoff is a member of the American Express® Platinum Collective, an advisory board that helps create experiences and benefits for Platinum Card® Members.


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