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Privé Porter’s New Miami Store Is Stocked With Exclusive Birkin Bags

These rare items are available the same day.


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Birkin bags are known for their rare colorways and hardware options, but even the world's wealthiest and famous faces have difficulty snagging their own. That is until Privé Porter came along. Now, the largest reseller of Hermès Birkin handbags is opening a retail store in Miami's Brickell City Centre that will have access to a large (even more than Hermès) assortment of brand new pristine Birkins.

Yes, any handbag a shopper desires is at their fingertips, ranging in price from $15,000 to $250,000 depending on the styles. Rather than waiting for years, you can walk in to purchase the exact Hermès products you desire and walk out with it the same day. It essentially removes all of the red tape and has an exclusive vault of Birkin bags (and Kelly's) like you've never seen.

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This marks the first official brick-and-mortar storefront for the company after the luxury resale service became popular on social media. Their robust inventory attracts the most discerning bag collectors as it is filled with rare and unique Hermès styles, including new 2020 colorways such as Rainbow, Vert Criquet, Sellier, and Bleu Brume.

"In a time when most retailers are shuttering stores and focusing on e-commerce, Privé Porter is seizing this opportunity to provide a first of its kind retail experience, shattering the 'glass ceiling' of secondhand luxury, legitimizing Privé Porter as a staple in the luxury community," Jeffrey Berk, Managing Director of Privé Porter, told Departures in a statement.

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To ensure this exclusive collection's safety, the store is fully secured with locked entrances and exits. Plus, there is a limit on the number of customers who can be inside the shop. And although these items are resale, they're often more valuable. In fact, Privé Porter sold a rare Hermès 30cm Gris Cendre Diamond Himalaya Crocodile Birkin with 18K Gold Hardware for $500,000. That was almost three times more than what it retailed for at Hermès.

"Resale is an increasingly important part of the luxury eco-system and increasingly desirable to discerning shoppers," said David Martin, Vice President, Retail, of Swire Properties. "It will allow them to dip their toes into the ultra-luxury side of fashion and fits perfectly with Brickell City Centre's exciting mix of retailers and restaurants."


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