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Micro Handbags Are Becoming a ‘Thing’ on Runways

For when you just can’t handle carrying much at all.

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Handbags––and totes, messenger bags, and shopping bags, for that matter––can be a lot. Sometimes it seems like everyone is carrying around the same one (New Yorker tote, I’m looking directly at you) and something you just manage to stuff too much, well, stuff into that bag. Having a bag to carry around that couldn’t possibly fit more than a tube of chapstick or stick of gum may save some headache. And that bag already exists.

They're called micro handbags and we have this year’s Paris Fashion Week to thank for the… innovation. Designed by Simon Porte Jacquemus, the less-than-two-inch bag can quite literally cannot fit even a credit card inside. The design is inspired by the designer’s clutch-sized Le Chiquito handbag, which has been known to sell out, according to The Guardian.

It brings back memories of the ’90s, when you would purchase a LeSportsac and find a tiny replica of your bag inside the life-size version. There were never many scenarios in which such a tiny little tote would be needed, but it was cute nonetheless.

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The bags were introduced during the Simon Porte Jacquemus runway show in early March. They were easy to miss, just handing off of the model’s fingertips as they breezed down the runway. As you can imagine, the social media world has been having a blast with images of the bag, dreaming up things small enough to place inside (“probiotics,” “one AirPod,” “the compartmentalized trauma we carry with us each day”).

Currently, there is no price set for the mini bags.


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