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We all want things to have meaning. Which explains why smart watches struggled to find a foothold as fashion: some devices were marketed as wearable tech that also told time. Others were positioned as timepieces that also keep you connected to the wireless world. And almost all featured a clunky, high-tech style. And with technology changing so rapidly, these devices felt transitory, and not very stylish.

Now that the dust has settled, Michael Kors is launching a special-edition Watch Hunger Stop Access Sofie touchscreen smartwatch for the woman who wants to feel fashionable and connected at the same time. Not only does this Michael Kors watch make an enduring style statement, proceeds from sales help fund and raise awareness about world hunger.

Look Smart

The Access Sofie is unique in the world of smart watches because it is equally a piece of jewelry and a tech product. The Watch Hunger Stop edition, with its thin and lightweight black-plated case, gunmetal pavé top ring, and pavé set bracelet, sits wonderfully on the wrist and can be easily worn to the office, cocktail parties, and other semi-formal events.

On the digital side, there are also plenty of Kors’ designer touches, including pre-loaded faces created specifically for Watch Hunger Stop (there’s also an additional function to set a personal picture as your watch face).

For online style influencers, the Watch Hunger Stop Access Sofie includes the latest iteration of the Michael Kors Access app which includes a My Social micro app that allows users to link to their Instagram or Facebook accounts directly on their smartwatch.

Tech Talk

The Watch Hunger Stop Access Sofie is compatible with both iOS and Android phones and is powered by Android Wear — Google’s wearable operating system. If you have been avoiding investing in a smart watch, fear not: It is super easy to use. Simply swipe down from the main watch face to see settings, or swipe up to get notifications. Press down on the crown to see your installed apps, or access the Google Play Store. The Sophie also comes with Google Assistant — Google’s artificially intelligent helper — to send or check the weather.

The Watch Hunger Stop Access Sofie also includes built-in fitness tracking via Google Fit. This lets you view calories burned, steps taken, and distance traveled. And it’s IP67 water- and dust-resistant, meaning that it can survive a soaking up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

There’s also 4GB of storage, so you can store music to the smartwatch and play it via Bluetooth-connected earbuds.

Good Times

Now back to being meaningful. The classic styling of the Watch Hunger Stop Access Sofie makes it a timepiece that you’ll want to wear every day for many seasons to come. But it is also part of a global effort to end world hunger. To honor World Food Day on October 16, Michael Kors is partnering the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to provide support to school meals programs.

Special-edition watches have been a part of the Watch Hunger Stop effort since its Inception in 2012, with 100 meals donated to WFP for each watch sold.

The Michael Kors Access Watch Hunger Stop Sofie touchscreen smartwatch retails for $395 and is available exclusively in select Michael Kors stores worldwide and online at through March 31, 2018.


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