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LV, meet VW. Beginning this month French fashion house Louis Vuitton hits the road in a restored Volkswagen van to showcase its men's ’18 spring/summer collection popping up outside its stores in Miami (now through January 22); Los Angeles (January 26–Febraury 5); and Hawaii (February 15–22).

The retro VW, decked out in a paint job boasting bold colors and tropical flowers evoking the collection, and perhaps more at home in the mud at a Woodstock reunion, will be a striking counterpoint parked in front of the elegant storefronts.

The van will be loaded with leather goods, accessories, shoes and ready-to-wear. Customers will be able to buy right off the truck.

The new collection is the vision of artistic director Kim Jones. His sprightly designs conjure island-hopping (super-sophisticated island-hopping, mind you) with a subtle tropical vibe. They include scuba and surf inspired designs, techy fabrics, glossy textures, and vibrant, delightful, Hawaiian shirts. While there will be no van outside of the Madison Avenue store in New York City, the entire store will be transformed for the pop up of the collection from January 19–March 15.

Shoppers in all places will receive special bumper stickers that coincide with the location where they made their purchases.

Bon voyage, Louis Vuitton.


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