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The Red Carpet's Most Covetable Clutch Is Inspired By Jaguar

Jeffrey Levinson's years at Jaguar not only informed the strength and construction of his range of clutches but inspired their personalization and sleek, unmistakable design.

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Jeffrey Levinson clutches have been ubiquitous on red carpets for the past couple of years. Their compact design and sleek exterior, along with the myriad of hues, shades, and finishes, have made them the perfect accessory for any major fashion event. But there is so much more to these handbags than meets the eye.

Jeffrey Levinson, the head of his eponymous label, was born into a family of creatives. While maintaining a successful career innovating with Jaguar, his creative interests continued to grow. When the urge towards professional design became too much for him to ignore, Levinson knew fashion was the field. Moved by the artistic creativity and consistent push for new ideas and technologies within the industry, Levinson certainly found his fit.

The Elina clutch collection was introduced in 2014––a breath of fresh air among the tired formal clutch designs that came before it: weighty, bedazzled, and forced to suit a multitude of outfits. For a clutch as sleek and classic as the Elina to come to fruition, Levinson drew inspiration from his time at Jaguar. Specifically, a model that dates back over 60 years.

In 1957, Jaguar debuted the car that would put the brand on the luxury sports car map. The Jaguar XKSS was made of a single piece of lightweight aluminum, making it faster than the Ferrari it had the opportunity to race that year. The XKSS is not only Jeffrey Levinson's "favorite piece of sculpture on Earth," but a major source of inspiration for Jeffrey's signature clutch. Designed to mimic the aerodynamic power of the XKSS, the Elina is made to be as lightweight and strong as this original Jaguar model.

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To buy: $1,625,

In order to achieve this, the clutch is made of the same aerospace aluminum used in space technology, manufactured from an aerospace contractor that supplies the Department of Defense and NASA. While this might seem a bit extra for a handbag, cell phone hacking is a thing. The Elina prevents phone and radio waves from entering through the surfaces of both sides. But to ensure you receive emails and text messages while your phone is protected in the clutch, Levinson and his team have patented a feature that allows phone signals in and out of the clutch.

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Jaguar uses cutting edge technology to allow their product to perform at the pinnacle of their industry. The Elina clutch follows the same ideas. Meant to be as customizable as a car, the handbag is available in a finish for every personality, outfit, and mood.


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