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The Best High-fashion Personal Shopper Services

We present to you the epitome of luxury.


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Who doesn’t love shopping? Well...the truth is––a lot of people, actually. While ambling through store after store in search of the perfect gown, denim, handbag, bra, etc., can often feel exciting and really fun (especially if you’re with friends), it can also be frustrating, stressful, and sometimes even a little draining. For those who have jam-packed schedules filled with work meetings, travel, appointments, and, you know, kids, carving out time to hit the mall and shop until you drop can be challenging. And then it becomes a whole vicious cycle of feeling like you’re losing your sense of style because you can’t put time into your wardrobe. We get it.

Enter the personal shopper. Ahhh, those two words have the ability to seriously change your approach to shopping. Yes, these services do exist, and in great numbers––many common department stores even have the service as an option. If you’re in search of a personal shopper to take some of that stress and energy off your plate, you’re in luck, because we’ve got a handful to tell you about that are totally changing the way people shop.

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MatchesFashion: Private Shopping

From 24/7 trend advice to assistance with gifting and—of course—private shopping services, the Private Shopping team at London-based luxury retailer MatchesFashion goes above and beyond when it comes to helping clients with any and all shopping needs. Private Shoppers will assist clients no matter where in the world they live—but if you’re located in London, you’ll get the privilege of meeting your shopper in the new and elegant MatchesFashion Private Shopping Suite, located in the heart of one of the world’s trendiest cities.

Bree Jacoby: Home of Style

A quick glance at Bree Jacoby’s breezy, stylish personal shopping website will show that she and her team take the task seriously. In her Founder’s Note, Jacoby claims her goal is to “make you feel like you own any situation you walk into, whether it is a business meeting or casual drinks. I believe shopping should be a personalized, convenient and full-service experience.” Based in Los Angeles and New York City, clients can phone in for a free consultation—even if they live in another city—to discuss the different styling services available.

Selfridges London

“Discrete and intimate” are the words used by Selfridges when it comes to describing an experience with a member of the personal shopping team at this legendary London-based retailer. Clients will meet their stylists—who have various expertise in different areas of both fashion and language—at Selfridges Oxford Street for a two-hour, completely bespoke shopping experience in the luxury personal shopping area. There are multiple dressing rooms and suites, a library, a marble bar, and a drawing room, all in an elegant cream-and-grey color scheme.

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Bergdorf Goodman

This luxury, iconic Manhattan-based department store offers personal stylists, available at your beck and call, who can assemble an outfit or a whole new wardrobe, depending on your needs. The store offers a complimentary consultation (which can happen in person, or via text, email, or phone call) and the stylists will work hard to help you create the look you’re after using Bergdorf’s finest.

Neiman Marcus

If you head to the brand’s Just Add Service page, they’ll direct you to contact your nearest store, and you can get started with “fashion-savvy” personal shopper who will know what’s new in the store, and will make sure to learn all about your personal style before sourcing your new wardrobe picks.

Net-A-Porter and Mr. Porter

Both Net-A-Porter and Mr. Porter take their EIPs––Extremely Important Persons––very seriously. You can explore a handful of benefits, like personal shopping services, access to global events, private sales, and more, here, for Net-A-Porter, and here for Mr. Porter.

Saks Fifth Avenue: Personal Stylist

“A new way to shop,” reads the luxury brand’s landing page for their personal stylist service, which promises to help clients enhance a sense of style while adding options to her or his closet. In three simple steps, you’re on your way to an elevated shopping experience: call a stylist, discuss your needs, and then place your order with your personal shopper. Voila.


True to form, Nordstrom makes it really easy to snag one of their personal stylists. And not only do they offer personal shoppers to help fill out your wardrobe, but they also have beauty stylists, wedding stylists, and gift scouts. All you have to do is click a button to book an appointment.


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