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This Must-Try Fragrance Was Launched by a World-Renowned Florist

Eric Buterbaugh re-launches his fragrance line, inspired largely by the flowers he’s spent his career surrounded by.


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Eric Buterbaugh knows design–he has his whole career to back that up. Buterbaugh shifted from a career in fashion with Versace and Valentino to floral design in 1998 and has since then utilized his wealth of knowledge and love for both stunning visual displays and pleasant aromas to tackle the ambitious feat of creating his own fragrance line. This year, Buterbaugh reintroduced his line with a new logo and look, making it clear to the world who is behind the now “Eric Buterbaugh Los Angeles” brand.

Buterbaugh’s excitement was evident as soon as we sat down to chat. We lost track of time as he shared how his career lead him to being able to originally launch (in 2015), and now re-launch, his fragrance brand, a life-long dream of his. Completely chic, humble, sweet, and funny all at once, Buterbaugh was open about both what came naturally to him (not so shockingly, he knew what he liked and didn’t like scent-wise), and the challenges that came with the learning curve and many intricacies of creating a fragrance line–a project that was eight years in the making.

Everything about the brand’s re-launch, from the three new scents–Fabulous Magnolia, Maiden Orange Blossom, and Oud Saffron Flower, joining the existing 14–to the bottle and packaging design, was inspired by the flowers he works with and the city that he currently lives in: Los Angeles. Illustrated by artist Sixto-Juan Zavala, the packaging is whimsical and colorful, and uses a flamingo illustration to label the brand’s floral perfumes while a monkey illustration symbolizes the oud scents. You can find the line at Saks 5th Avenue, in Paris at Le Bon Marche, and online.


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